The Most Unique House Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 20, 2018

Are your house plants safe for cats and dogs? These exciting greens will enliven your space without the worry.

House plants add an air of Zen to your home. They bring a bit of nature into life, and many of them don’t take a lot of fuss to keep up. Give them some sunshine and water, and most indoor plants can thrive for years.

Plants are easy to find, too. You can get them at the grocery store, your farmers market, and your local hardware store. If you have pets, though, finding house plants that are safe for cats and dogs takes a bit of research.

In fact, several of the most common house plants are toxic to dogs and cats: aloe vera, jade, philodendron, and dieffenbachia are some of the many plants that are harmful to pets. Fortunately, there are thousands of species of plants, many of which are both beautiful and safe for furry critters.



9 House Plants Safe
for Cats, Dogs, and Humans

1. Herbs
When it comes to exotic house plants, herbs don’t usually make it to the list, but they should. Herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley, oregano, sage, and peppermint are not only safe for pets, but some herbs are recommended additions to your pet’s diet. You benefit, too, as herbs are not only beautiful, but they make your home smell great.

2. Air plants (Tillandsia)
Air plants are the darlings of interior decorators, and it’s easy to see why. They’re easy to care for, you can place them just about anywhere, and they produce “pups.” 

3. Cactus
While some succulents are poisonous to pets (aloe and jade, for instance) most decorative cacti are not. The spines and needles of a cactus could potentially injure your pet (or you, for that matter) if they try to play with it or eat it, but the plant itself is non-toxic. In fact, many cacti are edible once you remove the spines.

4. Spider plant
Though the spider plant is a fairly common house plant, its long, thin, multi-colored leaves are both gorgeous and beneficial. The spider plant is known for its air cleansing capabilities. This plant also reproduces quickly and is easy to care for. Your cat may enjoy “trimming” the plant, but you don’t have to worry about a trip to the vet should he eat the leaves.

5. Bamboo
The bamboo is a hearty soul, and if you’re a panda bear, it’s the only thing you’ll eat. Whether or not your dog or cat eat it, you’re safe from worry because it’s non-toxic. Bamboo grows quickly, is an excellent air purifier, and is easy to propagate.
*Bamboo isn’t toxic to pets, but the Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is. In fact, “lucky bamboo” isn’t even in the bamboo family.

6. Hoya
The hoya plant needs bright light, but otherwise, it is easy to care for. When it blooms, the flowers are a striking star shape in colors from brilliant white to pink or purple.

7. Calathea
With vibrant green leaves, the Calathea can brighten up a home and bring a touch of the tropics into your space. It does well in low light conditions, as long as the environment is warm.

8. Cape primrose
This South African plant thrives in low light conditions, but it doesn’t appreciate high temperatures. Though temperamental, the colorful flowers of this plant (which can bloom for up to 10 months) make it a worthy challenge for anyone seeking house plants safe for cats and dogs.

9. Boston fern
The Boston fern may not qualify as “unique,” but they are easy to grow, produce volumes of bright greenery, and work just as nicely on a bookshelf as they do in a hanging pot.

One point that’s important to bear in mind when you’re looking for house plants safe for cats and dogs is that the exact species of a plant can make a big difference. For instance, most lilies are toxic to dogs and cats, but there are a few species that aren’t. The bamboo (and lucky bamboo) in this list is another prime example.

Be aware of what plants are in your home, and always double check them with the ASPCA’s guide to toxic and non-toxic plants. 

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