10 of the Most Fun Car Games For All Ages

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 27, 2019

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Save your road trip with these fun car games.

You run out of snacks. The coffee goes cold. No one can agree on a playlist. And you’re not even halfway there. You could really use some fun car games to lighten the mood.

Cut through the crankiness with games for kids, adults, and teens who don’t want to take off their headphones.



1. The Alphabet Game

This visual scavenger hunt works well for children learning the alphabet as well as older kids. They find the letters A through Z in order on road signs, buildings, and license plates.

This game gives passengers a great reason to take in their surroundings. It’s a welcome alternative to, “I’m boooooooored.”


2. Imaginary Hide and Seek

You or your kids imagine hiding somewhere in your home.

Everyone else has to guess your location by asking questions:

  • "Are you in the kitchen?"
    • “No.”
  • "Are you in the living room?"
    • "Yes."
  • "Under the couch?"
    • "No."

Keep going until you figure out the imaginary hiding place.


3. Tell Me Who I Am

This works like imaginary hide and seek. You choose a person or animal, though.

Everyone else in the vehicle figures out who or what you are by asking questions:

  • “Are you a person?”
    • “Yes.”
  • “Are you tall?”
    • “Yes.”
  • “Are you wearing a top hat?”
    • “Yes.”
  • “Are you Abraham Lincoln?”
    • “Yes.”


4. Audiobooks

Fire up Audible to find a wealth of stories. 

Check with your local library to see if they have free audiobook downloads. You don’t have to break the bank to experience Hogwarts, Oz, and Narnia!


5. Mad Libs

Mad Libs has maintained its appeal for over six decades. This game lets you create a sentence or short story by filling in blanks with nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs.

Mad Libs comes in paper or app form, so there's no excuse for (verb ending in -ing) this (adjective) game.


6. Made You Laugh

With this contest, your kids try to stay quiet while you attempt to make them laugh with silly songs, jokes, or sounds. The last one to laugh wins, but tickling isn’t allowed.


7. Make a Movie

Technology gives your kids easy access to soundtracks and special effects. Let them create a story using pictures and video footage from your trip.

Consider these kid-friendly movie-making apps:

  • Magisto
  • Toontastic
  • iMovie
  • FilmoraGo

Pack the tablet, but don’t forget to save room for creativity.


8. Magnetic Board Games

So many games come in travel sizes with magnetic boards and pieces:

  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Battleship
  • Connect 4
  • Trouble

This could be a much longer list!


9. Old-School Electronic Games

Ditch the smartphone and pick up electronic games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Give your kids a blast from the past with handheld football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and Space Invaders.

Old and new meet when you bring a Nintendo Switch on your trip. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription gives you access to a library of classics.

The kids will love the fast-paced go-cart races and magical quests.


10. Rubberneckers

This game challenges you to watch your surroundings for things like phone booths and dogs in cars. Rubberneckers has earned a 4.5-star Amazon rating, and several reviewers tweak the rules to fit their families.

You should have more than fun car games to make your road trip safe and successful. Check your tire pressure and fluid levels before you get in the car for a long drive. Don't skip a chance to gas up  if you're driving late at night or across long, isolated stretches of highway.


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