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7 Surprising Ways Renters Insurance Can Help After a Disaster

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 23, 2018

Don’t make the mistake of putting off renters insurance, or the next disaster could cost you more than you bargained for.

Renters insurance is one of those things that so many people mean to get around to but rarely do. And unfortunately, pushing it down your to-do list could end up costing you a lot. It only takes one burst pipe or kitchen grease fire to rack up thousands of dollars in losses.

It’s not just the big things, though. There are plenty of other instances where having renters insurance can keep you from falling into financial difficulty. Here are some big and small ways the right policy can help you when you least expect it.


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Renters Insurance Covered

Let’s be clear first. A “disaster” doesn’t just mean that your apartment is destroyed. It could be something like a burglary or even an accident in your apartment. There are plenty of things that could constitute a disaster. The point in most cases is that something of value is lost or something has happened that will cost to repair or replace. What are some of those events?

1. An Accident
Did you know if a friend has an accident at your home, you’re responsible? If you spill hot liquid on them, it’s on you to cover the medical expenses. If your dog bites them, that’s also your responsibility. Renters insurance could be just what you need to get you, and them, through the expense of a visit to the emergency room.

2. Theft
You may already know that renters insurance will help cover expenses if someone burglarizes your home, but did you know that it can also help cover items taken from you while you’re away from home? So when your laptop is stolen at your local coffee shop or you forget to lock your car and someone runs off with your tool box, you may be covered.

3. Damage
As part of a policy’s liability coverage, if you (or your kids) break someone else’s property, you may only be on the hook for your deductible. And if you’ve ever held your breath watching a soccer ball fly toward your neighbor’s window, you already know how much this coverage is worth.

4. Rental items
When you rent something like a steam cleaner or a garden tiller, you usually sign something accepting financial responsibility if the item is lost or damaged. Most of us probably don’t think much about it, but would you want to pay for a commercial steam cleaner if you dropped it out of your truck and it smashed on the driveway? If you have renters insurance, you might not have to.

5. Vandalism
There’s one type of burglar who sneaks in, steals your television, and leaves quickly. Then there are those burglars who take their cue from crime dramas and not only steal your stuff, but they trash your apartment by breaking windows, emptying dresser drawers, and spray painting pictures. In short, it’s a big, expensive mess to clean up. And while your landlord’s insurance may cover the windows, it won’t cover everything else. Renters insurance will, though.

6. Lodging
Whether it’s smoke damage from a fire, water damage from a burst pipe, or structural damage from a car running through your dining room, there are quite a few situations where you may need to live somewhere else while your apartment is repaired. Hotels can get expensive pretty quickly, and your best friend’s guest room is fine for a night, but it gets old fast when your whole family is stuffed in there for a couple of weeks. Did you know renters insurance will help you cover the cost of lodging while your home is uninhabitable?

7. Special collections
For expensive and unique collections, you can also purchase additional insurance, generally for a small fee. Your pricey jewelry, antique baseball cards, or extensive record collection can all get coverage of their own, giving you peace of mind.


Like many insurance policies, renters insurance can be designed to meet your needs, whether that’s a basic policy for your first apartment or a customized policy to cover your growing family.
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