Spring Forward Safely

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 10, 2017 in Focus to the Finish

The time change that happens every spring can be brutal on not only your sleep, but also your driving. Learn how to adjust your internal clock before the dreaded day. 


Each spring, the dreaded spring forward daylight saving time happens, and this year it is on Sunday, March 12, 2017. Basically, it is forcing us to give up one hour of precious sleep to start the day sooner, but then we do have daylight for longer and it means summer is right around the corner. However, with this jump forward, we lose an hour of sleep or work, and this can have a negative impact. We already try to cram everything we can into a day; taking away an hour can add a lot of stress and lead to fatigue. 

The spring ahead can impact your mood, motor skills, appetite, and even your heart, which is why it is important to prepare for the change.

Going to bed 10-15 minutes early and waking up 10-15 minutes early a few days prior will help your body’s internal clock prepare for the change. Also, going to bed an hour earlier before that Monday work day will help you get your body used to the change. It is important to prepare so that your body and mind are not tired for your morning commute. 

On the Monday after daylight savings time, it is important that you watch the road as other individuals may not be as awake and may feel more sluggish. If you prepare your body a few days prior to the change, then you will be alert while other drivers may not be. This will give you the advantage of being aware and prepared for any sudden movements from other drivers. Keep that phone away and your coffee in the cup holder as you prepare to navigate through sleepy drivers.


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