6 Reasons to Be Curious About Kitten Insurance

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Oct 02, 2017

Kitten insurance is one way to protect your checking account from the crazy antics of a new kitten.

There's nothing quite like a kitten. They're cute, fuzzy, and funny. They're also perfectly designed hunting machines, which is why they get into so much trouble. Kittens are masters of the chase, hiding and pouncing on your unsuspecting toes.

When you bring a new kitten into your home, it doesn't take long before they climb underneath the couch, behind the bookshelf, and on top of the entertainment system. They get into the trash, pull cereal down from the cupboard, and pull your dirty socks into the kitchen during dinner parties. In short, a kitten is a four-pound home-wrecking crew. That's why kitten insurance is so important.


6 Reasons Kitten Insurance Is Worth the Investment

1. Kitten insurance can save you money

When you adopt your little ball of fuzz, you commit to a lifetime of veterinary care. It's not unheard of for an indoor cat to live 16 or 17 years. If you've ever been to the vet, you know how that can add up—especially if your kitten is prone to injuries or eating strange things.

And the reality is that if your kitten gets injured "after hours," you're heading to the emergency vet, which could easily be hundreds of dollars.

Kitten insurance can help you recoup some of those expenses and turn a panic-inducing vet bill into something manageable. 

2. Kitten insurance is more affordable than you may think

Like any insurance, the younger your cat is when you get an insurance policy for them, the less expensive it is. As your kitten grows, more health problems may appear, making it more expensive to get a policy.

Even so, an insurance policy for a healthy cat may cost less than you spend filling your gas tank. And even if you don't use it for several years, it only takes one visit to the animal ER to make it worth the expense.

3. Kitten insurance makes the hard choices easier

There are two kinds of pet owners: those who would pay any expense to help their cat if something happened, and those who would pay no more than X dollars. When you face the reality of an injured pet, though, the choice is never so simple—especially in cases where you simply don't have the money to pay for a vet visit.

Pet insurance makes the choice much simpler. You don't have to worry if you have the money to take care of your beloved pet. You know you can give them the treatment they need.

4. Pre-existing conditions are not a deal breaker

While most pet insurance companies do have exemptions on coverage for pre-existing conditions, there is no strict definition for what those conditions are. Even in cases where a pre-existing condition is not covered, you can still insure your kitten for many other medical issues that may arise.

On another note, getting kitten insurance early on can bypass many pre-existing condition issues. As kittens grow into adult cats, they are more likely to develop health issues that could be covered if you already have a policy for them.

5. You might be eligible for discounts

Even though a kitten insurance policy is affordable, you may be able to lower the cost even further. Some businesses may offer it as an add-on to your benefits package. Pekin Insurance offers pet insurance as an add-on to homeowners and renters insurance, which can help lower the cost, as well.

6. Peace of mind

As much as anything, kitten insurances gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're doing what you can to ensure the health and well-being of a beloved (if rather furry) family member. Insurance coverage lets you rest comfortably knowing that even when your cat eats something he isn't supposed to, a trip to the vet won't hurt your wallet, too.

These benefits aren't just for kitten insurance, though. Your dog deserves coverage, too, and for the same reasons. In short, pet insurance is something you don't want skip out on because the benefits far outweigh the cost. And even if you never have to make a midnight trip to the emergency vet hospital, isn't it good to know that you and your pet are covered?

Make sure your cat or dog has the coverage they need. Call your Pekin Insurance agent today and find out more about insuring your beloved four-legged friend.


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