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How to Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, Clothing, and More

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 09, 2018 in Pet Insurance

Stop struggling and find out how easy it can be to remove pet hair from furniture and clothing


Sometimes it feels like an uphill slog. You’re cleaning. You finally manage to vacuum all the cat hair on the armchair only to turn around and find your cat sitting on the couch grooming himself. Or you pull your crisp, white blouse out of the closet and discover a fine coat of dog hair on it. There must be an easier way to remove pet hair from furniture, clothes, and miraculously, even the fresh towels that you just pulled out of the dryer. 

Though it may seem there is a never-ending supply of fur on our pets, it is possible to remove pet hair from furniture, carpets, and clothing without too much additional work on your part.


10 Ways to Remove Pet Hair
from furniture, carpets, clothing, and more

From buying the right vacuum to simple no-cost methods, these are some of the best ways to deal with fur in your home.

1. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.
A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arresting) filter traps dust and pet dander, helping limit the amount of allergens in the air. As you vacuum, make two or three passes over areas, going in alternate directions to help loosen and remove hair.

2. Add a pet hair vacuum attachment.
If your vacuum doesn’t have an attachment for pet hair, you can buy one separately. Several third-party companies sell universal accessories, and manufacturers such as Bissell also make attachments.

3. Vacuum your dog.
For calm, long-haired dogs, companies like Dyson make grooming tools that attach directly to your vacuum. You can capture and dispose of dog hair all in one move—before it even makes it to your couch. Just don’t traumatize your dog in the process.

4. Use a rubber glove.
Some people have found that using a damp rubber glove is an excellent way to remove pet hair from furniture. A slightly wet sponge can also work. Just wipe the sponge or glove over the surface of the fabric to collect pet hair.

5. Microfiber cloths work well on hardwood floors.
Tile, hardwood, and concrete floors can all benefit from a once-over with a microfiber cloth or dry mop. The electrostatic charge attracts and holds pet hair (as well as other dust and dirt) making it easy to gather and dispose of.

6. Duct tape is an ideal solution.
For clothes, furniture, and even curtains, duct tape or masking tape is a perfect DIY version of the lint roller. Wrap the tape in a ball or around your hand, sticky side out, and go to town on that pet hair.

7. The Furminator is an excellent tool.
You won’t have to remove pet hair from furniture if you remove it from your pet first. The Furminator works well on dogs or cats and may be one of the best grooming tools on the market. After you furminate your pet, you could have enough fur to knit a sweater (not that you’d want to). 


8. Use your dryer
For especially hairy clothes, putting them in the dryer with a dryer sheet or dryer ball for about 10 minutes can work to remove the fur.

9. Use an anti-static dusting spray.
For wood or leather furniture, make fur removal easier by using an anti-static dusting spray or furniture polish along with a soft cloth.

10. Your kitchen sponge can clean more than dishes.
That sponge you use in the kitchen to scrub dishes with caked-on grease can also work wonders on pet hair. Just brush your fabric with the rough side of an everyday sponge and watch it magically gather the pet hair, leaving you with a nice, clean surface.

You love your pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to love pet hair all over your home. Try these tricks and see how easy it is to live in a home with a four-legged family member without the mess.


Another great way to take care of your pet is to get pet insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses. Contact your local Pekin Insurance agent to learn more.



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