DIY Pet First Aid Kit

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 12, 2017 in Pet Insurance

Spring is upon us, which is the start of more time spent outside, leading to the possibility of injuries to your pet. Are you prepared with a first aid kit?


When the days become warmer, we all begin to head outside after the cold of the winter. This does not exclude our furry family members who want to run around outside with everyone else. While you may always have a first aid kit around for those with two feet, do you have one around for those with four?

Below you will find the supplies you need to keep your dog or cat safe and healthy. Remember to always keep your first aid kit nearby and up to date!



Your safety and your pet’s safety are critical when it comes to an injury, but staying calm and acting quickly to stabilize the injury before getting them professional help is the key.


Another part of being prepared is being financially ready for any injury to happen, and this means pet insurance. No one wants to think about their pet needing surgery for a broken leg or multiple treatments for a urinary tract infection, but they tend to happen at the worst times. Pet insurance gives you the reassurance that should a large bill come along, you’ll have help.


Pekin Insurance offers Pet insurance to help with those accidental injuries and illness that occur in your pet’s life. Contact your local independent Pekin Insurance agent for more information.  



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