Distracted Driving Destroys Dreams

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 13, 2019

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Distracted driving is 100% preventable.



You can read it a thousand times, but will you change? Only if you want to change. We could
give you 13 statistics or post a 10,000-word case study, but we’ll get straight to the point. Distracted driving destroys dreams. 

Excuses or Reasons?
You know you shouldn’t use your phone while you drive. Why do you do it, then? You might tell yourself, “I know I shouldn’t do this, but I can do a lot of things at once and be okay.”

No one is a good multitasker, though. In fact, science says multitasking is nearly impossible. While your fingers are on the phone, so is your mind. When you have your eyes glued to that screen, do you know what’s happening around you? What are the driving conditions like? Slick, foggy, or dark?

The text or status update can wait. A quick response isn’t worth totaling your car … or putting yourself in the hospital … or ending someone else’s life.


What Will It Take?
Maybe it’s more effective to share real-life consequences instead of hypothetical ones.

AT&T created a distracted driving campaign called “It Can Wait.” They used digital technology to “bring back” two distracted driving victims who shared their stories in short videos.

  • One victim was 18-year-old Caleb Sorohan, a Georgia native. Caleb was driving down the highway and reading a text when his vehicle crossed lanes and collided head-on with an SUV. The driver and passenger from the SUV were rushed to separate hospitals but later released. Caleb died instantly. Caleb’s mother, Mandi, fought for a distracted driving law that went into effect in Georgia in 2010.

  • Forrest Cepeda was 16 years old when a distracted driver took his life. He was riding a bike to a friend’s house when a texting driver struck him. Forrest wanted to work as a video game developer, but he never realized that dream. The driver who hit Forrest received a lifetime driving ban and a two-year prison sentence.

It’s sad, but we could share more distracted driving stories that end with lives cut short, dreams destroyed, and families left grieving.

This Isn't a Moral Judgement
We aren’t judging you for using your phone while driving. If anything, this is a societal issue.

We live in a culture that values instant gratification and instant responses. When you receive a message, you’re expected to respond within a few minutes.

You don’t have to cave in to these expectations. Think about what you want to accomplish with your life, whether you’re 18 or 80. Does your cell phone mean more than your dreams? Do you want to compromise everything because you took your focus off the road for a few seconds?

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It Still Hurts After the Hundredth Time
We’re an insurance company, so we see the claims that come in after catastrophic car crashes. It never gets easier. 
We don’t take any accident lightly, especially when someone is seriously hurt or taken away too soon. It really frustrates us to learn distracted driving still causes this much pain because it’s 100% preventable.

Think of the consequences the next time you use a phone while you’re driving. Just put it down and pay attention to where you’re going. You’ll have a much better chance of reaching your destination safely.


Distracted driving will never end unless you do something about it. Download our Focus to the Finish contract and pledge to drive free of distractions.

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