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5 Services That Make It Easier to Care for an Aging Parent

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 11, 2019 in Life

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You need all the help you can get to care for an aging parent.

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Life comes full circle when your mom or dad moves in with you. They supported you through so much! Now you care for your aging parent when they need you.

How do you prepare for this? It’ll give you challenges, but we'll give you information for 5 services that make it much easier to care for your elderly parent.


Should Your Aging Parent Live With You?

Your mom or dad says they’d never live in “a home” (a nursing home, that is). But what decision makes the most sense for your entire family?

Advanced age brings health challenges such as :

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Malnutrition
  • Visual impairment

You wouldn’t expect your parent to deal with these issues alone. Plus, it might make more financial sense for your parent to live with you.

According to the 2018 Gentworth Cost of Care Survey, the projected cost of long-term care (including nursing homes) will continue to rise through 2048.

The survey lists these monthly long-term care costs:

  • Adult day health care: $1,560
  • Assisted living facility: $4,000
  • Homemaker services: $4,004
  • Home health aide: $4,195
  • Nursing home private room: $8,365
  • Nursing home semi-private room: $7,441

This isn’t a straightforward financial decision, though. You have to consider your parent’s condition and whether you’re ready to give them the proper level of care. Your life circumstances might make you turn to a nursing home, assisted living facility, or home care services.

If your parent does move in, your new responsibilities could include:

  • Setting up your house for someone who doesn’t move around well.
  • Preparing meals for specific dietary issues.
  • Finding time for your entire family, including your kids.
  • Scheduling medical appointments.
  • Keeping track of medications.

There’s even more to consider, like:

  • Your parent’s change of scenery affecting sleep cycles in the household.
  • Everyone getting enough privacy.
  • Splitting up the caretaker tasks to avoid burnout.
Do you need more help with your decision? These questions from Where You Live Matters should give you the guidance you need.

The following 5 services will make it easier to care for an aging parent who moves in with you.


5 Services That Make It Easier to Care for an Aging Parent


Service 1: Medical Alert System

A medical alert system is a wearable device with a button. It lets your parents request help during a health emergency.

Some medical alert systems automatically contact emergency personnel, while others call a friend or family member. Some devices come with built-in fall detection.

With so many options out there, you want to do your research before you make a purchase. We’re here to help!

This blog post from Consumer Reports compares nine medical alert systems, including:

  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • GreatCall Lively Mobile
  • Life Alert
  • LifeStation
  • Medical Alert
  • Medical Guardian
  • MobileHelp
  • Philips Lifeline
  • Rescue Alert


Service 2: Tracking Medications

Prescriptions can get dangerous without any oversight. Medications cause side effects, and some of them should never be taken together.

The Medisafe app sends reminders when your parent:

  • Needs to take a medication
  • Misses taking a medication
  • Needs a prescription refill

The Medisafe app sends a warning when drug interactions could have adverse effects. Your parent can use this app to show a doctor every medication they take.

WebMD’s Drug Interaction Checker gives you another source to double-check your parent’s medication interactions.


Service 3: Meal Delivery

A meal kit subscription service delivers fully or partially prepared meals to your home. 

After Blue Apron launched its meal kit service, tons of competitors emerged on the scene, including:

You’ll save time with these services, but you might not save money when compared to shopping at a grocery store


Service 4: Grocery Pickup and Delivery

Avoid long trips to the store with grocery pickup and delivery.

Instacart lets you shop your favorite grocery stores online. After you select the items you need, you schedule a delivery or pickup. The pickup is only available in select locations.

Walmart offers delivery and pickup services in select cities. You need to place an order of $30 or more to qualify for these services.

AmazonFresh (mentioned earlier) delivers produce, meat, and more directly to your doorstep.


Service 5: Apps for Caregivers

According to an African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. This saying holds true for giving your parent the best care.

You shouldn’t do everything yourself. This path leads to burnout.

Fortunately, several apps exist to make caregiving easier for you and your family. These apps allow you to invite your loved ones to take part in your parent’s care, and they include notes, task lists, contact information, scheduling, and more.

Try one of these free caregiving apps:



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