Your Fall Bucket List

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 30, 2016

As the humidity of summer fades away and the air is filled with a light chill, grab your flannel and head out for these fall activities. The Midwest is where it is at when it comes to fall activities, with corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and apple picking. This is your fall bucket list.


Fall is a beautiful time, as sweaters come out and the holidays are right around the corner. In the Midwest, there are certain activities that you must do in the fall time to truly have the full fall experience.


Apple Picking

Fall is the time of the year when you can wear jeans and a light sweater to frolic through the apple orchard and treat yourself to apple cider drinks and donuts. Not to mention the wide selection of apples to choose from. Picking apples is a lot more fun and rewarding than getting them at the store.



While you are picking those apples, often you can find hayrides at apple orchards as well. Take a fun ride in the evening, and you may even learn about the orchard in the process.


Pumpkin Patch

Once you hit October, this is the time for bringing out a slightly thicker sweater and making your way to the pumpkin patch. Whether you enjoy pumpkins as a fall decoration or carving them for Halloween, this is one activity you don’t want to miss. You just can’t beat scouring through the fields looking for that perfect pumpkin and then proudly carrying it all the way to your car as jealous eyes stare because you found the perfect pumpkin.


Play in the Leaves

Return to your childhood self and play in the fall leaves admiring the beautiful colors that surround you. Take time to bask in the beauty of nature.



Taking a hike in the fall is not only beautiful but definitely a lot cooler than in the summer. Hikes are a great way to get active and take yourself away from your digital devices.


Fall Festivals

In the Midwest, you can find a festival somewhere close to you as they dot the states from cities to small towns. They often provide various activities and are family-friendly.  


Corn Mazes

People who are not from the Midwest tend to get really excited about corn and corn mazes. The idea of walking through a field and trying to find your way out has been one of the most thrilling activities for many newcomers. With many corn mazes across the Midwest, the options are endless.


The Midwest has a lot to offer in the fall, as it is full of orchards and corn fields perfect for the fall time. Whether you are a newbie or have lived in the Midwest all your life, take some time and appreciate the beautiful season of fall.



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