Why We Ask...

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 31, 2016

Have you received a call from your insurance agent about Life Insurance?  Reactions to those calls are often something like, "I'll think about that sometime down the road," or, "Why is my agent asking me about Life Insurance again?"  

Oftentimes we consider Life Insurance as something older people need.  It's difficult to imagine how your family would survive without your financial contribution.  After all, death is not something most people are comfortable discussing.  But reviewing your Life Insurance needs is something you simply cannot afford to put off.

In the Pekin Insurance video below, new widow Catina Lawyer says that Life Insurance matters for everyone, even younger people, and explains what a difference good life insurance would have made for her. 

Watch her emotional story below.  It's "why we ask..."



Unsure about your Life Insurance situation?  Use our free calculator.  Then call your Pekin Insurance agent today to discuss your Life Insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Calculator


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