Why Should You Avoid Dog Parks?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 04, 2016

For those who live in the city, dog parks are a great way to get their dogs out and about. While exercise is important, what else could they bring home besides a tired body?



1. You Can’t Trust Other Dog Owners

As much as we would all like to believe that all dog owners vaccinate, train, and work on their dog’s behaviors, this is just not accurate. Some owners don’t know the difference between their dog playing and being aggressive, which means they don’t know when to step in. This means it is up to you to know when to step in between your dog and another dog, which is taking the risk of getting bitten.

Dog bite claims cost insurance companies thousands every year. At vast dog parks, it can be hard to always keep an eye on your dog, which can allow for accusations. False accusations about whether your dog bit someone can be hard to dismantle if you weren’t watching or couldn’t see. While we all wish individuals wouldn’t do this, it is unrealistic to not think about it.

Plus, not all dogs are vaccinated. It is expensive to keep your dog up to date on all their vaccines. Some people take the risk and don’t vaccinate. You won’t know whether their dog is infected with anything until your dog possibly gets it.


2. Failure to Pick-up Your Dog’s Waste

“It is good for the grass,” and “this is a dog park; what do people expect” are just two popular comments heard at dog parks. Having you or your pooch step in someone else’s waste is not ideal, but worse than that is intestinal parasites that are hard to detect in a dog’s waste. Your dog could be susceptible to a whole lot more by coming into contact with another pooch’s waste than just a bath.


3. Dog Fights

Dog fights become real when it goes beyond the play stage and a dog attacks. Often it results in a dog getting badly injured and costing you in medical bills. When owners aren’t watching their dog, you end up on double duty by trying to watch not only your dog but those around your dog. The damage that can happen to a dog in a mere 30 seconds can cost thousands and many weeks of recovery afterwards. This is why it is important that small dogs and big dogs stay separated. Sure, your Yorkie is best friends with your Great Dane at home, but that husky may not be as friendly. Hunting dogs can sometimes mistake smaller dogs for a rabbit, and this can turn deadly quickly.


4. Aggressive Owners

While dogs can be aggressive, dog owners are just as aggressive. Maybe you pushed their dog off of your dog and all they saw was you pushing their dog. People’s perception of events is an interesting matter, and the fact that it so easily can turn into a lawsuit these days is enough to keep many away from dog parks with known aggressive owners.


5. Toys Left at Parks

Recently, there have been a few stories about dogs who died after going to the dog park. The cause? They played with a toy that was sitting at the park and it had poison on it. I could not tell you what would drive someone to essentially murder dogs, but those individuals exist. Don’t let your dog play with any toys just left at the dog park. You don’t know where they’ve been or who left them.


If you are going to go to a dog park, get pet insurance to be covered in case of an accident that could accrue medical costs or illness. Also, make sure to check your homeowners insurance policy to know whether you are covered for the liability of a dog bite that happens away from your home.  



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