What Dog Medical Insurance Provides

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 28, 2015

Familiarize yourself with dog medical insurance options and what to expect when protecting your best buddy 

Familiarize yourself with dog medical insurance options and considerations to expect from protecting your best buddy

A dog is a man's best friend. But, as we know, the lifespans of dogs are far shorter than our own. Depending their breed and age, dogs can develop health issues within a few years that need proper care. They can also sustain injuries, both minor and major, that quickly accrue costs if not covered by dog medical insurance. 

If you love your dog and want him to live a long, happy life, consider what policies are available. You'll be prepared to afford surgery and expensive veterinary treatments when something goes awry, like when Fido swallows a sock or gets Lyme disease. Research what to expect from dog medical insurance, and have peace of mind when your furry friend needs attention in the future. 

The considerations of dog medical insurance 

Animal insurance is very similar to a human's health insurance. The main benefit is the peace of mind of knowing that if an accident occurs or your pet becomes ill, a portion, if not all, of the medical expenses will be covered. 

Here are a few things to consider about dog medical insurance and why to have it: 

Accidents and injuries happen 

Dogs have a way of getting into accidents. They could swallow dangerous food, fall down the stairs, get bit by another animal, and so forth. Treating these injuries can be very expensive—often in the thousands of dollars—depending on the medical attention needed. 

Certain breeds have higher risks of health issues 

If your dog is purebred, he is more likely to be prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia. These hereditary conditions may affect the coverage your dog receives because the risk of illness is higher. Insurance will be your best option for covering these expenses and providing care. 

Basic treatments may become expensive with age 

If you have a dog that has never been injured or needed major medical care, that's great! It shows that you know how to care for your pet and keep him out of harm's way. But, as your pet gets older, those annual trips to the vet will become more expensive, especially if you don't have coverage. It may be necessary to visit the vet more than once a year, and vet visits can take a toll on your wallet. 

Choosing a dog medical insurance plan

Extending your homeowners insurance policy for your dog is a smart choice. There will be certain questions asked, such as the breed and age of your dog and if he has any pre-existing conditions. After approval, you can pick the plan that works best for you. 

Best action plan: get coverage early

The best way to achieve great coverage is to sign up early. If you get pet insurance right away after adopting or buying a new puppy, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you pet will be covered for accidental injury or illness whenever it occurs.  

Plan B: attaining coverage for ill dogs 

Dogs with pre-existing conditions are eligible for pet insurance, but there is a waiting period before coverage begins.  Your insurance agent can answer any questions you have to make sure your pet has the right coverage.

Act now for secured coverage 

Dog medical insurance works best if all the groundwork is done sooner rather than later. Familiarize yourself with the limits and options available in the policy. If you have an older pet, check your options. There are easier choices than having to decide between your wallet and your dog if something major happens. All it takes is a little research and a great insurance agent.

Add Pet Insurance to your homeowners policy so you’ll never need to worry about an unexpected vet bill, or worse, a treatment that’s way out of budget for your best friend.

What's your experience with dog expenses? Are there any questions we can help you with? Share your thoughts! 

Note:  Pet Insurance from Pekin Insurance is not available in Arizona.


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