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Replace Snapchat With Distracted Driving Apps

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 25, 2019 in Focus to the Finish

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The numbers don't lie when it comes to distracted driving.

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The Distractions of a “Soccer Mom or Dad”

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 25, 2017 in Focus to the Finish, FTTF

The springtime season restarts the chaos of getting kids to their activities and increases the many distractions that can happen to parents inside a car.


A soccer parent: the mom or dad who loads up the car with kids, gear, and snacks and heads to the family's many destinations during the day.

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Your Car Is Not a Boat When It Comes to Driving Through Water

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 07, 2017 in Focus to the Finish

When the April showers come in full force, the roads begin to flood and endanger drivers. Knowing how to conquer those wet roads safely will keep you and other drivers safe.



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Spring Forward Safely

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 10, 2017 in Focus to the Finish

The time change that happens every spring can be brutal on not only your sleep, but also your driving. Learn how to adjust your internal clock before the dreaded day. 


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Sleepless Spring Break

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 05, 2017 in Focus to the Finish

Spring break is a long-standing tradition, but it does come with a downside—lack of sleep. This, in turn, results in distracted driving.


Spring break is a long-standing tradition in the United States as many young adults head to warmer climates in hopes of getting away from the stress of classes. While many may be quick to point the finger at alcohol, there have been multiple studies done about the lack of sleep in relation to distracted driving accidents.

Sitting on the beach during the day and going out at night leaves little time for sleep during spring break. Not to mention that typically the week before spring break is midterms. With long nights of studying for exams and stress running high, by the time spring break comes around, everyone is ready for a break. But many are beyond exhaustion.

The moment the last exam is over, students are piling into cars and hitting the road for a destination away from the schoolbooks. Since most students are looking for a cheap vacation, they opt for driving over flying. While this saves money in the long run, exhaustion and a long drive are two things that do not mix.

Driving on a long, never-ending highway when you are tired can cause you to swerve between lanes or even drive across the median into oncoming traffic. Being in a new area and not knowing your surroundings makes for dangerous driving as well. Driving slowly while looking for turns and then turning late into streets is hazardous when you are so exhausted from a long trip.

Remember to get enough rest before getting into the driver’s seat and take turns switching between drivers during the drive. Nothing is worse than getting into an accident on spring break and having to deal with the costs and possible injuries as well.

Pekin Insurance works to help drivers get to their destinations safely by educating them on the various forms of distracted driving with the program Focus to the Finish. For more information and tips on distracted driving, visit


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Emotions + Driving = Distracted Driving

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Feb 05, 2017 in Focus to the Finish, FTTF

Life is an emotional roller coaster. Stress, excitement, sadness, and more can hurt not just you, but the lives of others on the road.


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New Distractions in the Holiday Season

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 19, 2016 in Focus to the Finish

As the holiday season is upon us, the amount of stress and weather conditions play into distracted driving. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s being in the top five most dangerous holidays for drivers, once we hit November, you should start taking extra precaution.


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