The Use of Technology With the Health Insurance Industry

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 22, 2014

Sarah RiceTechnology continues to bring exciting changes to the health insurance industry. Electronic claim filing, payment options, and web-based tools allow providers and health care consumers to manage their health care more effectively than traditional paper-based systems. This technology is not only convenient; it makes submitting claims more efficient and speeds up payment to physicians.

Online health claim portals allow physicians to verify patient eligibility and benefit or coverage information. Claims are now being sent to insurance companies electronically, and with advanced claim processing systems, some claims are processed with no human intervention. After the doctor or hospital files a health care claim, the physician’s billing staff can check claim status online and send secure email inquiries about claims. Instead of paper checks, some providers and patients are receiving payments through EFT or direct deposit into their bank accounts.

Insurance companies also provide online tools to help patients manage their health care and make informed health care decisions. Patients can go online to find out what treatment options may be available, what kinds of treatments are covered under their health plan, and the cost of treatments. Insurance web resources can help patients find a preferred provider or a doctor who is in their network. Patients can also check on their claims or get a copy of an explanation of benefits.

Pekin Life Insurance Company provides many of the online resources mentioned above to assist our health care consumers and their medical providers. If you are covered under a health insurance policy with Pekin Life Insurance Company, you can rely on for 24/7 access to information that will help you manage your health care needs. You will find useful resources to maintain and improve your health.

Go to
1. Scroll down to the Customer Center box.
2. Click on “Health Claim Info.”
3. Under the “I’m a Member” column, you can:
• Access your claim history.
• Find a provider in your PPO.
• View the list of most commonly prescribed drugs.
• View details of health care reform.
• Access disease management tools and a variety of useful resources to
maintain and improve your health.

Pekin Life Insurance Company is committed to providing innovative tools for quick and easy access to your health claim information!

Sarah Rice
Specialty Claim Customer Service Representative


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