10 of the Most Fun Car Games For All Ages

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 29, 2017

Make any road trip (or even a trip to the grocery store) more exciting with these fun car games.

There comes a time in every road trip when the excitement of the adventure wears off. The bag of pretzels is nearly empty, the coffee is cold, and the radio turns into a wasteland of the same song over and over. Oh, and you still have miles upon miles until you reach your destination.

Even on the most boring of roads, however, there's a way that veteran passengers and drivers alike know will pass the time: fun car games. Some of the classics have been around since the days of the horse-drawn carriage. Others are new, thanks to technology. Most of them, however, are fun for kids, adults, and even your teenager who just might take his headphones off to join in the festivities.


10 Fun Car Games

1. The Alphabet Game
This game is perfect for kids learning the alphabet, but it is also a visual scavenger hunt for older kids, and it's as simple as could be. Find the letters A - Z in alphabetical order on road signs. It sounds easy until you realize how hard it is to find some letters. (Good luck with finding "Z" when you need it!)

2. Imaginary Hide and Seek
20 Questions isn't the only "Yes/No" game in town. For imaginary hide and seek, you or your kids can imagine themselves hiding anywhere in your home. Everyone else has to guess where they are by asking questions. "Are you in the kitchen?" "No." "Are you in the bedroom?" "Yes" "Under the bed?" "No." Keep going until you figure out where the imaginary hiding place is.

3. Books on tape
Though not a game, listening to stories on long car rides can be magical. You can get books on tape or CD at your local library, or you can use an app like Audible.

4. Prius Punch
Adults may remember this as "punch buggy, " but there aren't as many Volkswagen Beetles on the road as there are Toyota Priuses. The first person to spot a Prius gets to give their neighbor a little nudge on the arm. Just be warned that the kids can get a bit carried away, so rush hour may not be a good time for this one.

5. Mad Libs
This game is fun for anyone old enough to know basic grammar. Mad Libs has been around since 1953, and it never seems to lose its appeal. Fill in the blank with a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb, and let the fun begin. Mad Libs come in paper or app form, so there's no excuse for (verb ending in -ing) this (adjective) game.

6. Made you laugh
This variation of the quiet game has your kids trying to remain silent while you try to make them laugh with silly songs, jokes, or sounds. Last one to laugh wins. No tickling allowed. It's also a great way to get the kids to settle down, believe it or not. The competitive spirit takes over, and before you know it, that loud road trip turns into a fun ride. 

7. Make a movie
With all the free movie apps available, it's easier than ever to embellish a story with soundtracks, stage designs, and special effects. Mix technology and good old-fashioned creativity. Let your kids make up a story with pictures and video from your trip. See if they can finish it by the time you reach your destination.

8. Magnetic board games
Bring your favorite board games with you. Checkers, chess, Battleship, and even soccer come in travel sizes, complete with magnetic boards and pieces.

9. Old school electronic games
Forget the smartphone! Those electronic games from the 70's and 80's are as fun as ever. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and even Space Invaders turned red LED lights into some of the most fun car games around. Why not give your kids (or your passengers) a taste of the original handheld games? 

10. Rubberneckers
This game challenges you to watch and notice your surroundings as you travel the miles. Be the first to find things like a dog in a car or a phone booth. The game gets 4.5 stars and has 150 reviews on Amazon, and several reviewers even have their own rules to customize the game for their families.


Having a few fun car games on hand is just one part of a successful and safe road trip, though. Before you get in the car for a long drive, always check your tires and fluid levels. And if you're driving late at night, or across long desolate stretches of highway, don't skip a chance to gas up.

It's also good to make sure your auto insurance is up to date and that you have the coverage you need. Get in touch with your Pekin Insurance agent today so you can hit the road knowing we'll be there if you need us.



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