What Ten Items Are Most Forgotten by College Students?

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Pack these ten items before you leave for college.


The next semester sneaks up on you. You hear the clock ticking, so you run around your room and toss things in giant storage tubs. 

You don't want to arrive at your dorm only to discover you forgot to pack the following ten items.

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blog-img-collegedorm11. Shower Shoes

Keep two pairs of flip-flops or sandals on hand in case one breaks. You should have something on your feet when you use the dorm shower.

Shared showers get gross fast when bacteria builds up on floor tiles. The biggest threat comes from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). 

According to WebMD, MRSA leads to sores, boils, or abscesses. It's usually not life-threatening, though it could require antibiotics or surgical drainage in its most serious form.

You also run the risk of contracting athlete's foot when you don't wear shower shoes. It's not as serious as MRSA, but itchy, cracking skin is irritating.

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Those cheap earbuds won't help much when your next-door neighbors throw a crazy ramen party. You wish you could share some cheap noodles with them, but you have work to do, and it's loud.

Noise-cancelling headphones cost more than earbuds, but they're worth the investment when you need to focus. Slap these on, and you wouldn't hear the school marching band coming down the hallway.


3. Ethernet Cable

Wi-Fi lags when everyone hops on it, so you don't freak out when your favorite cat videos run a little slow.

The dynamic changes as the Internet crawls, but you need to finish a 10-page research paper. Plug in your ethernet cable and work with a faster connection instead of letting sluggish Wi-Fi drag you down.


4. Extension Cords

For whatever reason, most dorm rooms don't have enough outlets. To make matters worse, a lot of them are stuck in inconvenient places.

Extension cords give you more plug-in options and the ability to move items away from outlets. You'll give happy new homes to your mini-fridge, microwave, laptop, printer, and coffee maker.

Add power strips and a surge protector to the mix, and they'll prevent your electronics from getting fried.


5. Laptop Lock

A laptop lock is a must, especially if you have a roommate. We aren't saying your roommate will steal from you, but living with someone means you can't control who goes in and out.

Your laptop contains so much of your academic life, including research, assignments, and class notes. This device could also store your financial information and login credentials to your email and social media accounts.


6. Portable Charger

You signed up for how many credit hours?! Expect days where you bounce from class to class with few breaks.

As you rush across campus, you forget about the dwindling charge of your cell phone and laptop. A portable charger gives you the power to power up your devices on the go when your day doesn't let you slow down. 


7. Mini Vacuum

You can't rely on the dorm vacuum. It's old and usually checked out. 

With all the snacks you stash in your room, you're bound to build up crumbs. If you have a mini vacuum, you can quickly clean up those messes without leaving the comfort of your room.


8. Fan

Dorms warm up fast, and while they do have AC units, it can get stuffy if your desk is tucked behind your bed. Move a fan around when those muggy nights set in and you end up sweating more than studying. 


9. Stapler

A lot of professors don't carry staplers with them since they use different classrooms in different buildings. Some professors have a policy stating your paper must be stapled to be accepted.

On some mornings, you'll wake up and hurry to print your paper. Don't forget to staple it!


10. Rain Gear

You don't have the luxury of running from a car to a building when storms hit. Without an umbrella and raincoat, you would find yourself drenched and cold through the long walk across campus. 

If you go to college in an area with heavy rainfall, you should consider rain boots to keep your socks dry.



Don’t stress if you forget some of these items. You'll eventually find them through the magic of online ordering or the campus store.

Before you head back to school, talk to your local Pekin Insurance agent about renters insurance, which could help protect your belongings.


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