What Ten Items Are Most Forgotten by College Students?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 08, 2016

Don't leave for college for the first time without these 10 items. 



1. Shower Shoes

You do not want to walk on the communal bathroom floors without shower shoes. Have two pairs of cheap flip-flops on hand in case one breaks so you’ll have a back-up. You don’t know what kind of bacteria is growing on that floor!


2. Nail Clippers

Often this is forgotten by guys more than girls, but it can happen to either. Who wants their nails to get so long that they are constantly breaking? You can get a small kit with tweezers, clippers, and more at various stores for a variety of different prices. 


3. Ethernet Cord

This is almost always a must since in dorms the Wi-Fi can be slow when so many individuals are trying to finish assignments. Having an Ethernet cord on hand means you can plug in when your computer is running slowly and continue working instead of having your night dragged out by slow Wi-Fi.


4. Extension Cords

For some reason dorm rooms are known for having very few outlets, and they tend to be in very inconvenient places. Having extension cords allows for more outlets and the ability to move items away from outlets. Your mini-fridge, microwave, computer, printer, coffee maker, television, phone, and more all need an outlet to be usable. Having power strips will maximize your limited outlets.


5. Surge Protector

Having a surge protector will prevent your electronics from being fried should the building get struck by lightning. Buy at least one for your computer, since it holds your whole life on it.


6. Trash can

You have a lot of walking ahead of you if you want to walk to wherever the trash can is in your hallway or bathroom every time you have trash. Just buy a small trash can to throw your trash in, and it will save you from having to get up constantly.


7. Mini Vacuum 

While most dormitories have vacuums to rent out, typically they are 10+ years old and checked out when you need them most. Spilled and stepped on a bunch of crackers? If you have a mini vacuum, you can quickly clean it up without leaving the comfort of your room.


8. Fan 

Dorms get extremely hot, and while they do have AC units, if your desk is tucked behind your bed it can get stuffy. You can move a fan around when those muggy nights set in and you end up sweating more than studying. You will be grateful for the fan.


9. Portable Stapler

A lot of professors in college do not have staplers on hand since they travel to various classrooms and buildings throughout the day. Some professors have policies that you must have your paper stapled to be accepted. And we all know there will be at least one morning when you are trying to print your paper and run to class. Having a portable stapler will not only save you, but classmates will make friends with you as well!


10. Umbrella/Rain Coat/Rain Boots

In high school when it rains, many just run from their car into the building quickly and don’t fuss with an umbrella, rain coat, or rain boots. In college, it is a whole different story. Now you are walking to class with your backpack and maybe even your laptop. The walk is probably a lot farther than it was in high school, and so you’ll be drenched by the time you make it to class if you try walking quickly or running. Investing in a good raincoat helps with the days when it is too windy for an umbrella. Rain boots are great for keeping your shoes and pants dry. Who wants to sit in class with soaked pants?


While I am sure there are lots of items college students forget, these are just a few that are often overlooked in the big move to college. Don’t stress too much if you forget an item; chances are you’ll be able to find it at a store near your campus. Don’t forget above all, to protect all your belongings with renters insurance. You don’t want to lose everything you just spent months buying.



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