Should You Work Out With a Cold?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 03, 2017

As winter is hopefully ending, colds are still in season, and this begs the question of whether you should workout with a cold.

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It creeps up on you slowly. First, the sneezing begins, followed by the sniffs and sore throat, and then the rest of the symptoms that come with a cold. A cold typically includes symptoms that are all “above the neck.”

This begs the question, should you work out if you have a cold? While research has shown that working out helps keep individuals healthier and less prone to getting a cold, no one is completely exempted.

  • Exercise is generally considered OKAY as long as the symptoms are all “above the neck.”
    • These symptoms include a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, or a minor sore throat.
  • DO NOT exercise if your symptoms are “below the neck.”
    • Symptoms could include chest congestion, a cough, upset stomach, muscle aches, and fever.
    • Anything beyond these symptoms such as vomiting, fainting, dizziness, and more should keep you away from the gym. It is always best to see your doctor when you are under the weather as well as consult them about working out.

Listen to your body, and if you workout regularly, you should know whether your body should rest or continue working out. Since no one wants someone sneezing all over the equipment spreading his or her germs, evaluate fully whether you should be working out or not.

While working out is said to help open your passages, you must make the decision for your body whether it is better to rest or go for a light workout. Everyone’s body is different, and only you and your doctor can form an appropriate workout plan for your health and needs. Taking a day or two off shouldn't affect your performance, and as you gradually resume your normal workout routine, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Having life insurance protects your family should anything happen to you. Staying healthy through remaining active and also knowing when to rest can help live a longer life. However, nothing is ever guaranteed, and while one goes to their doctor when sick, having life insurance is the safety net for your family. Learn more about the impact and coverage of life insurance by contacting your local independent Pekin Insurance agent.

Pekin Insurance is not an authorized doctor and is only giving suggestions based on research. Should you feel ill or hurt yourself while working out, please consult your doctor.



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