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How to Keep Dogs Warm Outside When Taking a Walk in the Winter

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 07, 2019

4 min read

Your dog has to go out no matter the weather. That's why it's important to know how to keep dogs warm outside even on the coldest days. 

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7 of the Best Tips for Driving in Snow New Drivers Need to Stay Safe

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 24, 2018

3 min read

Even the most experienced drivers can get nervous driving in snow—that's why it's crucial to prepare your teen before winter hits.

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How to Prevent Holiday Hazards for Pets with 10 of the Best Tips From Trusted Vets

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 17, 2018

There's so much to love about the festive season, but holiday hazards for pets are a real concern that need to be addressed.

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11 Quick Winter House and Furnace Fixes to Lower Your Energy Bill

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 11, 2018

Use these 11 quick winter house and furnace fixes to prevent equipment breakdowns, lower your energy bill, and keep cold temperatures at bay.

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How to Determine Which Home Insurance Coverage Enhancements Will Make the Best Policy

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 03, 2018

Which home insurance coverage is right for you? Enhancements will tailor your policy to your lifestyle.

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5 Ladder Safety Tips to Prevent Holiday Decoration Fiascos

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 26, 2018

Taking the time to read a few ladder safety tips can ensure your holiday season is merry and bright

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Why Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up – and What You Can Do About It

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 20, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered why your car insurance rates go up, your answers are here.

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Can Dogs Eat Turkey or Do They Need to Pass on the Poultry?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 19, 2018

Can dogs eat turkey with the rest of your family this Thanksgiving? Learn why your dogs shouldn’t eat certain foods and the truth about table scraps.

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Pre-Plan Your Funeral to Take the Burden Off Your Family

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 15, 2018

Pre-plan your funeral, sort out inheritances, and put your estate in order.

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What Do Humidifiers Do to Improve Wellness in the Winter?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Oct 29, 2018

Maybe you've heard that a humidifier in your home can be helpful over the winter. But what do humidifiers do to keep you healthy over cold and flu season?

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