Moving With Children

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 14, 2016

While moving is stressful all on its own, moving with children adds another factor to it. It is different with different ages of children, but knowing some tips to make it easier could be the help you need.


While moving is stressful all on its own, moving with children adds another factor to it. It is different with different ages of children, but knowing some tips to make it easier could be the help you need.

Have a Family Meeting

If at all possible, don’t wait until the last minute to tell your kids about the move. Plan a fun night with pizza and tell them about the move and most importantly, why the family is moving. Whether job- or financial-related, stay positive. Kids pick up on your outlook of the move. Keep the conversation up-beat and give them adventures to look forward to.

Let Them Help

When you have narrowed down the potential houses to two or three options, get your kids’ feedback. You can also add to this by asking what everyone’s wish list is for the new house before you start looking. This will give you an idea as to what is important to them in a house. While you will ultimately make the final decision, having their thoughts in the back of your mind helps know what is best for your family. Also, giving them a box to pack their favorite things makes them feel a part of the moving process instead of their world spinning out of control around them. Giving kids a sense of control allows them to process the changes and their part in it all.

Organize a Moving Sale

Moving is a great time to clean out the clutter in your home. Rather than move clutter you don’t need, have your kids help you declutter and sell anything you don’t need anymore. Then use the money you make for something for the whole family whether that is money to explore your new home town, a future vacation, or even that puppy you all have been wanting for a long time. When kids know that there is a reward for them in the end, it helps motivate them to give up items for the moving sale.

Research the New Place

Show your kids what exciting adventures await them in their new town or city. Get them excited by talking about various places to go once you get there and get settled in.

Map the Move

If you are moving a long distance, make the drive more exciting by planning to stop at various attractions along the way. Instead of stressfully driving all the way to your destination worrying about the move, having fun stops along the way puts a positive light on the move. It is supposed to be an exciting new adventure not driving for three days straight miserably.

Have a Potluck

Having a potluck with family and friends before you leave allows you to enjoy their company and take pictures with everyone. This allows your kids to spend time with all of their loved ones and cherish memories before making the big move. A potluck also means you don’t have to do a ton of cooking while you’re trying to pack up. This would be a good chance to get your neighbor’s recipe for their amazing chocolate chip cookies as well. This way when you are in your new home, you can bring back good memories of loved ones through their recipes.

Be a Tourist

Once you’ve settled in a bit, take some time to explore this new area with your kids. You want them to begin to understand their surroundings and find a familiar routine. Doing fun activities as a family isn’t meant to distract from having of moved but to show them all the exciting places in their new town or city. Finding new favorite restaurants, shops, and activities gives a sense of belonging and makes it not so foreign of a place.

Be Smart

Make sure to notify your insurance agent about the move to see if you can stick with the same insurance company or need to find a new one. Your homeowners and auto insurance will change due to a different location. This is something you can do once you have found a new house; don’t wait until you move.

Overall, just remember that different ages handle moving in different ways. Be understanding and listen to their concerns. Above all make sure to instill confidence in them about the new place and making new friends. Be an example as they are watching you.


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