Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 01, 2016

Hardwood floors? Leather? Are those really the best choices for a home with pets? Check out the tips below to see what you should be putting in your home to make it pet-friendly.


Hardwood floors? Leather? Are those really the best choices for a home with pets? Check out the tips below to see what you should be putting in your home to make it pet-friendly.



Hardwood floor is a traditional beauty like no other, but it is unfortunately not so beautiful after a dog or cat comes running through. You can find hardwood colored markers at various stores, due to its ability to scratch so easily. If you absolutely cannot stay away from hardwood, consider a harder wood like oak or mahogany and stay away from soft woods like pine or fir.

Also, keeping your pet’s nails trimmed regularly can aid with the scratches, but won’t completely eliminate them, because if your dog scratches the floor, then it is easily scratched by kids as well. Hardwood is also easily warped and stained, so you need to clean up messes quickly, otherwise they will soak in.

Other flooring and tile

If you don’t want to be fretting about scratches on your floor, choose laminate flooring, stone, porcelain tiles, or even concrete. However, with any of these flooring types, you must take steps to prevent your pets from slipping when they are dashing through the house. This can be done by having slip-proof area rugs in your home in prime race track areas. Make sure you get a no-skid pad to go under the rug and prevent any sliding when a mad chase is happening in the house. Despite all your precautions, they may still find the one slippery spot and fall. Be prepared before the medical bills flood in from an injury by getting pet insurance. You do everything to protect your home, but why not protect your pet as well!


Opting for wall-to-wall carpet can be a nice alternative to your pet slipping on wood or title flooring, but it is also a hair magnet from the moment your pet steps foot onto it. However, if you cannot part with having wall-to-wall carpet in at least one room, then opt for a low-pile carpeting that is stain-resistant to make cleaning up messes easier. Also, putting a moisture-resistant pad beneath the carpet can help lengthen the life of your carpet.

Another alternative to wall-to-wall carpet is getting carpet titles in various shapes. Since it is not one continuous piece of carpet, should you need to replace a piece or section, the maintenance is much easier.


Leather has its pros and cons. Leather is very durable and easy to clean; however, leather is not indestructible by any means. Claws can easily scratch the leather, and big claws can even create holes. If you are going to get leather, make sure to choose top grain. Those hides are dyed through and treated for additional protection.


If you are struggling with Fluffy always sitting on the back of your couch or on the couch itself, using throws where they sit can be an easy fix that you can just move when you or a guest wants to sit down. This helps ensure that no one will end up with hair on their backside when they leave.

Coffee Tables

While glass top coffee tables look nice in a living room, they are more likely to show paw prints and drool than a wood and metal table. Simply taking the time to think about how your pet deals with furniture will allow you to make the right choice when it comes to furnishing your home.

When out shopping for pieces for your home, just think to yourself, “How would this fare if Mr. Kibbles ran, jumped, laid, pranced, back flipped, drooled, and walked across this?” If the answer is it would fare well, then go for it! If you do not think it would fare well, keep looking. And if you just don’t know, see if you can take a sample swatch home and rub Mr. Kibbles’ claws on it to see how it stands up. Finally, do remember that furniture is supposed to be used, and wear and tear comes along with that. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying life with your furry friend!



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