Make Time to Laugh It Up at Work!

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 26, 2015

Laughter in the work place makes me feel good. Laughter helps me keep a positive attitude throughout the day. I found this blog I would like to share because I live by this every day.

According to a blog found on, laughter is an effective weapon to use in the workplace. Of course it is our responsibility to take our jobs and work seriously, but it is healthy to incorporate laughter and joy into your daily routine.

According to the blog, laughter and friendly environments tend to make the workplace much more pleasant. Laughter tends to make us want to come to work and be around our peers.

I can honestly say that laughter keeps me humble and in touch with reality. Things that may have seemed stressful to me at the time are not so stressful when you just add a little laughter.

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