Is Your Dog Safe in a Truck Bed?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 25, 2016

In the summer, a quick trip to the store can turn into a scorcher, especially when your car can turn into an oven in only a few moments. It is common sense that you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car for any amount of time during the summer, but you should not leave them in the back of your truck either.


During the summer and into the fall, dogs can be seen in the back of trucks after boating, hiking, or other activities. While this may seem fine since we are accustomed to seeing it, it is dangerous for both you and the dog.

We have all at some point in our driving careers had to hit the brakes a bit harder than usual or have gone over a bump that we did not see. Whether due to a sudden red light, car stopping, animal running across the road, bump in the road, or simple distraction, driving is full of unpredictable possibilities. Having to slam on the brakes even slightly can cause your dog to lose their balance and fall. This can be anything from a small topple over to flying out of the truck if they are not properly restrained.

Not only are they at risk for broken limbs and bruising because of this, but they are also a distraction to you, the driver. As you continually look in the rear view mirror to check on them, this is taking your eyes off the road. While in your mind it may not seem to be a form of distracted driving because you are checking on your pet’s safety, taking your eyes off the road is jeopardizing both your and your pet’s safety. 

Leaving your dog in an open truck bed risks the possibility for them to jump out, fall out, overheat, or get taken. Not to mention that wind and road particles can easily get into their eyes as they don’t have the ability to pull their head inside the vehicle.

Maybe it looks like your dog is enjoying the ride from back there, but should you hit a bump or get into a car accident, they can easily be put in a serious position. Could you bear the pain of knowing you let your dog get hurt when you could’ve done something about it? 

If you absolutely must have your dog in the truck bed, then securing them with a short leash is better than letting them roam freely; however, make sure it is short enough that the dog cannot strangle itself. Also, having too long of a leash can be a problem if the dog were to fall or jump out of the truck, and if you did not notice, they could end up being dragged behind the truck and get seriously injured.

The best option for transporting them in the back of a truck would be to have a crate secured in the center of the truck bed. However, the overall best option would be to have them secured inside the vehicle with a harness or crate.

Don’t let your love for your pet be a distraction for you. If you are planning to go into stores, it is best to leave your dog at home where they can remain cool and you are not distracted by them in the truck bed.  

Distractions can extend beyond just you and your devices in the car. Distractions are all around you, and you need to know how to eliminate them. Ensuring all passengers’ safety, both kids and pets, will put your mind at ease about their safety, putting your eyes back on the road.



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