I Love Midwest Winters!

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 01, 2014

There’s no denying it. The temperature has dropped, and the first signs of winter are emerging. Call me crazy, but I personally love the winters in the Midwest.

This is a beautiful time of the year where the landscape changes, families gather, and delicious food is seemingly endless. With all of the cheer and goodwill we will enjoy for these next few months, it is important to understand that this is a popular season for insurance claims. One inevitable issue that we all run into is, “Will my Homeowner’s policy cover my (_____)?” This is an important question to ask ourselves, especially before any damage is done.

We all know someone who has broken their smartphone or laptop. I am included in this unfortunate number, as well. As it happens, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other expensive electronic devices are very popular Christmas gifts. While these are very useful, cool gadgets, they are also extremely susceptible to loss. Of course, we buy the protective cases to attempt to reduce damage and breakage to our devices. I definitely encourage this, as I have broken a few phone screens in my day. However, the only sure-fire way to have absolute peace of mind is to schedule the device on our Homeowners or Renters policy. With the weather we have, a cell phone case may not always protect against water damage or an unfortunate tumble we might take on the ice. Luckily, scheduling an electronic device protects against all perils, as long as they are accidental or caused by something out of our control. Scheduling a device on your policy is an inexpensive way of purchasing the peace of mind that your devices are protected in any scenario.

So, as we approach the frigid winter months, it important that we take into account all of the valuable electronics we enjoy so much and consider calling our local agent to learn about scheduling them on our policy. After all, we need those smartphones and tablets to capture all of the great memories that await each of us during the holiday season.

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