How to Stay Safe Broken Down on the Side of the Road

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 19, 2016

Breaking down on the road can be scary and stressful, but knowing how to stay safe is key. Check out tips to get help and remain safe on the side of the road.


Try to get your car to the shoulder, preferably away from any curves

Cars coming around a curve will be startled if you are sitting in the blind spot of the curve. Should the driver be distracted, they could end up rear-ending you, adding onto the existing damage and possibly injuring you as well. It tends to be rare that your car will just stop working. You should have enough of a warning to get to the shoulder.


Lock your doors

Stay inside the vehicle to avoid being hit by traffic and lock the doors. You don’t want someone unexpectedly getting into your car.


Call for help

Make a call for help to either a tow truck or roadside assistance if you have it on your auto policy. If your phone is dead, hang something white outside of your window, and secure it by rolling the window up. This will notify highway patrol officers that you need assistance.


Turn on your emergency blinkers

This will notify other vehicles that your vehicle is not moving and to watch out. Typically, drivers who can see you ahead of time will pull in the other lane, but this is not always possible so it is best to stay in the car.


Be wary of who stops to help

Criminals target those who are stuck on the side of the road as an easy target. If you have called for help, keep your doors locked and windows up. Thank the individual for stopping, and tell them help is on the way. If they don’t leave and stay outside of your car waiting, don’t hesitate to call the police. They can find you and wait with you until the tow truck comes. Safety is number one when broken down.

If your phone happens to be dead and they are the first person to stop, ask them to call the police, but you can do this all while remaining in your car and only cracking your window slightly. If they are truly wanting to help you, they shouldn’t pressure you to get out of the car.


Know your location

It is always good to know your location in case your GPS is out. Often you will be asked what highway you are on, where you think you are in proximity to any landmarks, or how long it has been since you left your last destination. This will help give the police or tow company an idea of where you are on the highway. Giving the most accurate information possible is key to getting help to you faster.


Breaking down on the road can be scary and stressful, but just remember to stay calm. At Pekin Insurance, you can add a Roadside Rescue enhancement to your auto policy. They will answer your call 24/7 to help you get the assistance you need.  



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