How to Keep Your House Protected During the Winter

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Feb 10, 2017

Winter weather can be harsh on your home, and being prepared with coverage enhancements on your homeowners policy will help safeguard the roof over your head.


Winter is a harsh time not only on your cars, but also on another very important asset: your home. Your home is the roof over your head keeping you safe from the wind, rain, and snow and the place where memories are made day by day. Protecting your home in the winter is key to keeping the roof over your head. Here are four ways to do that.

Keep Pipes From Freezing

After spending a day out in the cold, you come inside to take a warm shower, but when you turn the knob, nothing comes out. What happened to the water? Frozen pipes are a large problem in the winter. In particular, pipes that are close to the outer walls are at high risk and need to be remembered when winter settles in. Having a pipe burst is one of the most expensive winter problems. Open your cabinets so warm air can reach the pipes and keep them warm. If it is extremely cold, turning your facet on to a light drip will help keep pipes from freezing.

Have a Generator on Hand

If the power goes out in the winter, you do not want to be stuck in a cold house with your family. Having a permanently installed back-up generator on hand will not only keep you warm, but also help keep your pipes from freezing and your food from going bad. A generator can be a lifesaver in the winter when the likelihood of a tree falling on a power line is much greater. Being prepared pays off in the long run.

Keep an Eye on Your Roof

Roofs are made to endure the elements, but if too much snow begins piling up, then you can have a large problem. With average snowfall, you shouldn’t have a problem with your roof caving in, but it is best to always stay prepared. Having a roof rake on hand with a long handle will allow you to remove snow by yourself. This will save you money by not having to hire someone.

Watch the Trees Around Your Property

Ice likes to hang on trees making them look beautiful but dangerous at the same time. A tree can easily break from too much ice on it and crash into your home, your car, or the power line. Take note of what trees are close to your house and whether you should have them trimmed back for safety.


Make sure your home is protected from all of winter's mishaps by adding homeowners coverage enhancements to your policy. For instance, equipment breakdown covers a range of items including water heaters, central air conditioning, boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and sump pumps. Find the rest of the list at

Beyond that, other coverage enhancements range from replacement cost coverage for the dwelling to replacement cost coverage on contents. Check out our full list of coverage enhancements at


Being prepared year-round is the key to keeping your home covered. Talk with your local Pekin Insurance agent to make sure your home is fully covered and prepared for any of the four seasons.




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