How to Get Your Picky Eater to Eat Healthier

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Oct 07, 2016

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Do they turn up their nose at almost everything you serve? There are some ways to entice your pick eater to try something new and ways to sneak the unliked food in their diet. 



Hide the Veggie Culprit

With children of all ages sometimes eating a veggie in another item, like smoothies or meatloaf, can be what you need to get those lost veggies into their diet. Putting spinach in smoothies or zucchini in meatloaf are just two ways to achieve this as the veggie is highly undetectable if done in the right amount.


Give Them a Choice

Giving your kids a sense of control by allowing them to choose between two veggies or fruits allows them to feel they are making decisions for themselves. It is a perfect solution when they are at the stage of wanting to do everything themselves.


Do Not Force New Foods

Ultimately, forcing foods just creates stress and negativity all around for not only you but your child as well. You don’t want them to associate negativity with trying new foods.


Be a Role Model

Typically, children look up to one parent if not both, which means how you react to new foods will have an effect on how they react. Be a role model about trying new things. Let them know that it is okay not to like everything, but that trying something is a positive experience.


Have Healthy on Hand

If your pantry is full of junk food and other non-healthy items, having them readily available can increase your child’s desire for them. However, if they are not even in the house, then you are not tempted to give in and you can physically show your child that “blank” is not even an option because you don’t have it in the house.


Create a Helper

Children who get involved in cooking and helping out in the kitchen are more excited about what they helped create, not to mention that those skills will transfer when they grow up and are fending for themselves in college. Educating them about preparing food and what the food does to help our bodies is a great learning experience.


Give Them a Task

At the grocery store, let your child pick out one fruit or vegetable for the coming week. Not only will they feel like they are a part of the decision making process but it teaches them to identify fruits and vegetables on their own.


Make It Fun

Renaming foods with fun and enticing names (think of restaurants’ kids’ menus) is motivation for kids to try it, or you could name it after them. Also, cutting up the food into different shapes can entice a child to be more willing to try it.  


While you teach your kids about healthy eating, don’t forget to also protect them financially by having a life insurance policy. Should anything happen to you, knowing that your family is financially stable will help give you peace of mind, not to mention that buying healthier food is much more expensive than junk food. Set up your family with a stable financial future today. 



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