How to Get Your Kid Excited for Elementary School

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 21, 2016

When the stores start getting their school supplies in, you know that the start of school is just around the corner. For some kids, seeing the school supplies appear is exciting, while for others, you may feel like you have to drag them there. Either way here are some tips to get your kids excited for the new school year.


Give Them Choices

Going back-to-school shopping with kids can be chaotic, but if you go sooner rather than later, you’ll get better selection and fewer people. Taking your kids with you to shop for school supplies allows them to choose the items they will be using every day. Having picked out the items themselves, they will be excited for the first day to arrive so they can put those supplies to use!


Extracurricular Activities 

Playing a sport or taking a dance class can be the motivation your child needs to get excited for school. Make sure you set the rule that they can only have the privilege to participate in an extracurricular if they stay on top of their homework. School should come first.


Make Lunch a Surprise

Having fun cookie cutters to make their sandwich anything but boring will surprise them at lunch. From flowers to holiday seasons cutters, you can make lunch into a fun time for your child.


First Day Outfits

If your child wants to, let them pick out their first day of school outfit. If they are a bit young, you can set out some choices for them and then let them choose.

 For those who have to wear uniforms to school, if it is within the school dress code, consider getting them a necklace or a bracelet so they feel like they have something special to wear.


Read, Read, Read

The night before, read a book with them about those first day jitters they may be feeling. First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg is a popular one. Often seeing that they are not alone with their jitters can put them at ease.


Talk to Them

Make sure you take the time each day to talk with them. Address any problems or concerns before they have the potential to become large problems. Letting them know you are there gives them the confidence that if they don’t have a current problem, you’ll be there for any future problems.


Just remember that you cannot force your child to be excited for school, but you can do a variety of these suggestions to help them get acclimated. Try not to cry on their first day, but instead give them a big smile and hug. Let them know it is going to be alright.  



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