From Candy to Caves, Wisconsin Provides a Great Escape!

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jun 09, 2016

The thrill of being out of school has worn off for your kids and you find that they are spending their new found freedom challenging themselves to play video games upside down on the couch—what a blood rush!


Once you get them to flip around and the blood is not all pooled in their brain, try out one, or all, of these ideas this summer. Also, those without kids who are tired of the heat should try out any one of these “cooler” options for the summertime.


  • Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

A candy that is loved by many has a warehouse in Pleasant Prairie with tours and a visitor’s center. The Jelly Belly Express Train tour is a FREE 25-30 minute train ride that makes stops along the way to educate visitors on the company’s history and the process of making the candy. While this is not a working factory, it is set up to entertain visitors and to journey down “Candy Alley.” With a sample bar at the end of the tour, visitors have the opportunity to try flavors they may not normally dare to try—puke flavor anyone? The shop has a variety of items, and they even sell imperfect candy for discounted prices; what a deal! 

  • Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

Summer can get pretty hot; cool off by opting for touring the always 50 degree Fahrenheit caves while learning about the wonders of Mother Nature! Cave tours last approximately 1 hour and will go whether rain or shine, so dress appropriately and bring your explorer side. The tour will lead you along colorful stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and many other interesting formations. With tours, a visitor’s center, and other activities, this is a great way to learn and play at the same time.


  • MillerCoors Brewery Tours in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

The Miller Visitor’s Center has a FREE one-hour indoor/outdoor guided walking tour starting with the history of the company to the production lines they use today. Not to mention the FREE ice-cold refreshing samples of their many different brews for those 21 and older, and those under 21 can opt for soft drinks. For those days that are just too hot, this refreshing experience is a great option, especially for those over 21.

  • Escape the Room Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular as many celebrities have tried them out all across the United States. It’s an interactive game where players are locked in a room, and in 60 minutes players must find the hidden objects, solve them to complete the puzzle, and gain freedom as a winner! It’s a great team-building exercise for a variety of groups, and prices vary based on the number of individuals going into the room. Check it out and see if you can break the code before time runs out!

While Wisconsin has many incredible water parks that individuals flock to during the summer, try one of these ideas out for those too hot and crowded days and let us know in the comments below about your experience!

            Of course Wisconsin is known for its water parks, but let’s look past the water park and see what else Wisconsin has to offer.

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