Focus to the Finish

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 06, 2016

In this technological age, distracted driving has increasingly become a serious problem. Not just for families and friends who are losing loved ones, but also for insurance companies. Insurance companies want to protect you and inform you about the dangers of distracted driving so that you make it safely to your destination.


Focus to the Finish is Pekin Insurance’s new campaign to bring awareness to drivers about not just one driving distraction, but all of them. Texting or drinking while driving have been the two most advertised forms of distracted driving; however, the list goes on way past that to include eating or drinking, playing games, change the radio, hands-free devices, daydreaming, passengers, and more. Anything that is taking your attention away from the road is a distraction.


One of the most common phrases after an accident, if the driver is still alive, is “I didn’t even see them.” Truly “them” can range from people walking on the road, bikers, children crossing the street, other vehicles, and more. The driver may have been looking at the road, but then got lost in thought about what to have for dinner or could have been looking at their phone or radio as well. You can be looking at the road and be considered distracted if you are not fully paying attention.


As vehicles are being made smarter and with more features to alert you, individuals are taking this more as the opportunity to become distracted since their vehicle will alert them of danger. Well, these vehicles are not self-driving, so you cannot put faith into a piece of metal; it still needs you to drive it, manually. Plus, not everyone has those safety features yet.


Distracted driving is a problem for insurance companies and distracted drivers because they are the ones paying for the claims, which in turn may raise your rates. This is a problem not just isolated to one group. Both the drivers and insurance companies can benefit from reduction of accidents due to distracted driving. No one wants to see family and friends lose a loved one, and so Pekin Insurance is here with Focus to the Finish to promote distraction-free driving and help you to get to your destination safely.


No campaign is complete without a mascot, and Tripp, the red car, will be seen on various items promoting Focus to the Finish distraction-free driving. When you see Tripp, think about focusing to the finish when you are driving. Accidents involving distracted drivers are completely preventable, which is why you need to do your part by driving distraction-free. Don’t put yourself or those around you in danger. When behind the wheel, focus on driving and nothing else.                                                                

  Screen_Shot_2016-08-29_at_4.07.08_PM.png Screen_Shot_2016-08-29_at_4.08.12_PM.png 


As a company, Pekin Insurance values fall in line with this campaign as, “we are people-focused and motivated by a genuine caring for our employees, policyholders, agents, and community … But above all, our value are best expressed not through words, but actions.” We have taken action to educate you about distracted driving. Now you need to take action and do your part to not drive distracted.



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