Eat the Turkey or Be the Turkey

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 17, 2016

During the holiday season come large meals, meal preparation, guests, and a time for being thankful. Family and friends come from near and far to gather around the table and give thanks for the wonderful people in their lives. As you are trying to prepare for their arrival during the days leading up to Thanksgiving, it can become chaotic for you.




Pumpkin Pie.




Green Beans.

Mashed Potatoes.


And don’t forget the cranberry sauce.


Your to-do list will be full of things like trying to clean the house, prepare extra beds for guests, stock your pantry and fridge for various meals, and above all prepare the Thanksgiving dinner. The Thanksgiving dinner has so many pieces to it, and I am sure you have your favorite dishes that everyone looks forward to year after year. Trying to get to the grocery store and get everything on your list can be exhausting and you may forget items.


During the Thanksgiving holiday, drivers’ minds are on the long list of things they need to do before guests arrive rather than on the road. This is why making a list is important. Whether on a piece of paper or on your phone, when you think of something you need to do or get from the store, just write it down, but not while driving.


Going to the store without a list can lead to you wandering up and down the aisles trying to remember what you needed and wasting time and money as you are likely to buy items you didn’t really need. Running through your list in your head on the way to the store is distracting you from watching the road. Thanksgiving is one of the top five most dangerous holidays for many reasons, but with many drivers’ minds on the holidays and to-do lists, accidents can happen on the road.


Avoid distracted driving accidents by organizing your holiday with lists, and remain calm as everything will work itself out. It is not worth stressing over every detail. Around Thanksgiving, many talk about what they are thankful for and spend time with those they value the most. Turkey and pumpkin pie are served, and laughs can be heard all through the house. Don’t let your to-do list and grocery list distract you. Eat the turkey with your family and friends, and don’t let distracted driving keep you from spending time with your loved ones.


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