Bios and Profiles You Should Update: LinkedIn and Resume

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 10, 2016


Having a professional online presence has become more crucial today. As technology continues to rise, just having a resume is not enough.



With a resume, you are often limited, and cramming all the details of your life’s work onto one page can be nerve-racking. With LinkedIn, you can define all of your skills and experience without having to limit what you share with an employer. Why should you update your LinkedIn profile and make connections weekly? Below is a list of why you need to get your LinkedIn profile into shape.

Expanding Your Reach

You cannot always meet company representatives in-person, so connecting through LinkedIn allows you to meet employers who you may not have stumbled upon otherwise. This allows you to reach across states and connect with businesses that you never knew existed. 


Networking With Professionals

Whether this is alumni from your college or employers you met at a job fair, making connections with them places a face with a name. Not to mention that everything that did not make it into your elevator speech is displayed on your LinkedIn profile for them to see. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them losing your resume by accident as they try to keep track of the hundreds they received.


Placing a Name With a Face

Employers see so many faces, names, and resumes during a job fair that they all blur together. They might remember a certain quality or experience that you talked about, but being able to look you up on LinkedIn allows them to place a face with a name. Making sure you have a professional photo that is easy to identify you in will give you a bump above someone that does not. Many employers who use LinkedIn for checking applicants will reject them if they do not have a photo or have an incomplete profile due to the fact that they look like they don’t care enough to spend time on it.



Now that you understand why you need to get your LinkedIn profile into shape, you also need to keep your resume in tip-top shape as well. Typically, college students update their resumes at the end of a semester when the grades come in or at the end of summer when they finish an internship. However, if you are in the workforce already, then you should continue to update your resume as you complete projects and gain new skills. It is always good to have your resume updated as it will remind you to update your LinkedIn profile as well.


Your LinkedIn profile and resume are two professional pieces that need to be continually updated as you never know when someone will stumble across them. You want to have your newest and best skills out there, not some part-time job from four years ago where you were flipping burgers. Stay professional and promote your best skills and experience to get you that job.



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