Are You Ready for Back-to-School Driving?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 11, 2016

Load them up and move them out! It is back-to-school season, and as you are now spending your days shuffling kids to and from school and other activities, distractions while driving need to be eliminated. Reaching for that phone may seem easy as you just want to check where everyone is and what dinner plans are, but that is a distraction and could cost you in the long run.



While you may be spending more time in the car, that doesn’t mean it is okay to spend time on your phone. Whether you are shuffling around your own kids or hosting a carpool, you are responsible for the lives you carry and those around you. Do your part to save lives by not being distracted.


Anything from your phone to applying make-up, eating or drinking, texting, daydreaming, and more can cause your chance for an accident to go up. Back to school is a time for learning and growing, and while you may not be in school anymore, you can always learn new things every day.


While the statistics of distracted driving are given over and over, people still continue to engage in distracted driving. It seems until it happens to someone you know, individuals just aren’t getting the message. Why does it take someone close to you getting severely injured, or even worse, killed, for individuals to listen up? So many parents have started campaigns or spoken at schools trying to bring awareness so the tragedy doesn’t fall on another family.


Back to school is a time when more kids are out crossing streets, walking, or biking, making them targets for distracted drivers. If you are distracted, will you have time to react before hitting a child crossing the street? Most of the time you won’t because your eyes are off the road. Don’t put yourself in that situation and just focus on the drive. Focus on getting to your destination safely.





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