7 Man Cave Designs for Your New Home

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 30, 2016

Have big plans for that spare room in your new home? Check out these 7 man cave designs to induce jealousy and garner praise from all of your buddies.

Have big plans for that room in your new home? Check out these 7 man cave designs to induce jealousy and garner praise from all of your buddies

You've just signed the papers for a new home. You walk through the empty rooms and imagine all the decoration ideas with furniture, layout, and style. Finally, you reach the room that matters. It's the future haven of your sports memorabilia and the unbridled "safety zone" for bro talk and cold beer: it's your man cave. You have big plans for this room. It's empty, yet full of potential. You're not sure what man cave designs are out there, but you know one thing: you want to beat them all. 

We're going to provide a few design templates to get the ball rolling and fuel your imagination. Of course, any of these examples can be mixed and matched into a new heavenly creation. What matters is that you put your manly hands to work and make this dream come true. 

7 man cave designs that will induce jealousy and garner praise from all of your buddies 

1. The Rat Pack: a classy haven that would make Frank Sinatra blush 

You prefer the finer things in life. You would order an old-fashioned before a Bud Light. You like to smoke cigars, play poker, shoot pool, and listen to cool jazz. You have taste. 

Your man cave should reflect those tastes and accentuate them. You need a space where you can roll up your sleeves, remove your cuff links, and loosen your tie. Here are the set pieces your design should include: 

  • A pool table at the center of the room
  • A dark wood table for snifters, an ice bucket, and scotch
  • A coat rack with hand-made wooden hangers
  • An obligatory framed picture of the Rat Pack shooting pool

2. The Blockbuster: the only theater that plays Die Hard all day long

You're an action movie addict. At any moment, you can quote entire scenes from Die Hard, Rambo, The Terminator, and Blade Runner. You love movies and watching them with friends. You imagine man cave designs like movie theaters: projection screens, plush seats, and popcorn machines. 

  • A projector screen covering the entire wall 
  • Big, comfy chairs for individual seating
  • Popcorn machines, candy choices, and a cooler for beverages 
  • Framed vintage movie posters and life-sized portraits of your heroes 

3. The End Zone: a holy ground of worship for professional sports gods 

Sunday is indeed a day of worship in your household. It is the blessed day of professional football. On bi-weeks, when your team isn't playing, you don't know what to do with yourself. The off-season is like a twilight zone of hibernation and confusion. You don't love football; you breathe football. Your man cave should be the next best thing to the V.I.P. suite at the stadium. 

  • High-definition, wide-screen TV with surround sound 
  • Wrap-around couch with a big table for pizza, buffalo wings, and beer 
  • Sports memorabilia hanging on the walls and ceiling

4. The B-side: drop the record and let the Rock 'n' Roll fantasies begin

You remember the first time you heard Abbey Road or Highway 61 Revisited. You're a hardcore collector of vinyl LPs. You believe the needle scratch is an essential piece of the listening experience. Your man cave is dedicated to all your records, equipment, and instruments. You treat these items like ancient family heirlooms that need protection and safekeeping. 

Of course, you need a record store rack to showcase all of your albums. You'll want to organize them in alphabetical order but also keep them separated by genre (and possibly by release date). Album frames, wall racks, soundproofing, wall hooks for guitars, and a lounge chair are all necessary.

5. The Saloon: manly talk over spit-shined pints filled with foamy beer

You're an entertainer. You like to have friends over for parties, so the only man cave designs that interest you include a fully stocked bar. You shake up a martini or pour a beer yourself rather than pay some other guy for the service. Besides getting your bar set up, you'll need a few things for atmosphere. 

  • A small television for karaoke or background entertainment
  • Standing tables for people to gather around
  • A wall rack to display your refined collection of spirits 

6. The Workshop: create with your hands and sweat over minute details 

You love to keep yourself busy with side projects. You're all about working with your hands and building things out of raw material. The best form of relaxation for you is focusing on the little details of craftsmanship and forgetting about everything else for an hour or two.

Get yourself a draftsman's or a wooden-top work table. Keep the floors bare so you can quickly sweep up your messes and not ruin any rugs. Soundproofing the walls may be a good idea, as would be a good stereo to play some tunes while you work. 

7. The Professor: a refuge of hidden knowledge and dusty, hard-cover books 

You're a thinking man. You like to surround yourself with books, artwork, classical music, and historical artifacts. The bro-themed man cave designs don't interest you. You prefer a quiet place to read, write, paint, sketch, or think very deep thoughts. You're creative. That's how you roll. 

  • Wall-to-wall bookshelves and a step ladder 
  • Your favorite artwork displayed throughout the room
  • A chaise for sitting or lying 

Now you're ready to mix up these man cave designs and create your own style 

As you can see, no man cave is ever the same. It's supposed to be a reflection of your personal taste, so have fun with the ideas and make it your own. Just try not to spend all your time in there once it's complete. It'll be tough to return to the world, but you can do it. Remember: distance makes the heart grow fonder. Good luck!

Buying a new home is one thing—keeping it protected is another. Don't expose your man cave to dangerous risks.  We offer a wide range of insurance choices for our customers—home, mobile, condo, and renters—and keep them competitively priced. Request a quote today and see what Pekin Insurance can do for you. 

What's your favorite man cave design? Share your thoughts and let us know!


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