5 Ways to Help Your Kids Have a Safe Halloween

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Oct 25, 2016

Halloween is a greatly anticipated day for many children. Help your child have a fun, yet safe, Halloween this year by implementing these five actions. 



  1. Reflective Strips on Costumes

While your ninja may want to blend into the night, having them wear reflective strips ensures that they won’t disappear into the night. You can put it on the costumes post pictures if you are concerned about it ruining the pictures. The reflective tape is not only for you to see them but for drivers to have a better chance to see them when they are crossing streets.


  1. Remind Your Kids About Crossing Streets

Remind kids about the danger of not crossing the street properly. Making sure they use well-lit crosswalks and are looking for drivers before crossing. Never rely on the driver stopping or seeing them. With so many kids running around on Halloween, drivers can get distracted and often are not watching directly in front of them. Whether you or another adult is going with them, make sure to keep an eye out for distracted drivers and always walk across the street instead of running.


  1. Check Your Kids’ Candy

Looking for opened or damaged wrappers is for more than just safety from tampered candy. Sometimes candy is not sealed all the way or happens to get opened along its journey into your child’s bag. You just don’t know if any germs or dirt has touched the exposed candy, which is why it is better to get rid of it. There is more than enough candy to get rid of the few opened or damaged ones.


  1. Homemade Items

The general rule with homemade items is to just toss them unless you know the person who gave them to your child. Not knowing what is in a baked good can be bad when it comes to allergies. Your child might have allergies to certain ingredients, and there is a much higher chance of tampering.


  1. Be Wary

Around Halloween, stories about candy being tampered with arise, but according to research, the number of tampered candy incidents is extremely low. The urban legends about candy tampering have lived on because they possess a terrifying aspect. For 364 days a year parents tell their children not to take candy from strangers, but then one day a year it is magically okay, and this is where the fear and myths come from. While there have been a few cases known to date, the chances of getting hit by a car on Halloween are much higher. So relax those wrinkles just a little and take the preventative steps above for a fun and safe Halloween.


Millions of children go trick-or-treating each year and tampering of candy is extremely rare. Just exercise appropriate caution and make sure a responsible adult is going around the neighborhood with your kids. Finally, enjoy a piece of candy at the end of the night; it is Halloween!



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