5 Vacation Home Decorating Ideas for the Perfect Retreat

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 16, 2015

Transform your livable spaces into lovable spaces with these vacation home decorating ideas

Transform your livable spaces into lovable spaces with these vacation home decorating ideas

Having the creativity to re-imagine a space or room with a personal touch is a skill that takes practice. In your home, your decor reflects years of developed taste and familiarity with every corner, nook, and cranny. There may be a child's drawing on the fridge, vacation souvenirs hanging on the wall, or pictures of family members lining the halls. Your vacation home, however, calls for a different feel. You want your second home to feel like a retreat from your everyday life while still giving the vibe of being a home away from home.

You've invested a pretty penny in your second home, so why not make it speak to your ideal atmosphere? If you're looking for some help, we've put together a list of vacation home decorating ideas to prime those creative juices. Here's the good news: once you get started and map out your vision for one room, it will be that much easier to move on to the next.

Just like home, you'll come up with the right theme and flavor by accumulation. But this time, it'll be on the fast track so you can enjoy it right away.

Vacation home decorating ideas to get you started 

Bring your bedroom and bathroom into harmony 

If you're trying to set the mood for your decor, start in the master bedroom and bathroom. Bringing these two adjoining rooms together with a subtle theme and stylistic palate always makes for a good decision. Two birds with one stone, after all.

Let's say you begin with a classic beach-toned theme. You could start with a white base for a color scheme and accent the walls with light blue shades, such as sky blue, teal, or sapphire. Here's a small list of ideas you can consider for your bathroom decor:

  • Glass jars filled with different colored sea glass and pebbles. 
  • A small collection of your favorite beach rocks.
  • Fluffy white cotton towels.  
  • Driftwood for various uses, like a towel rack.
  • Hand-picked large seashells to hold bar soap. 

For the bedroom, choose light woods with little or no finish for dressers and nightstands. You want the wood furniture to seem as natural as possible and maybe even a bit worn out. During the day, open up the shades and let in the natural light to bring out the white and blue colors. 

Show your eclectic side with collections and oddities 

Don't feel nervous about letting your personality shine in your vacation home decor. A perfectly executed theme that lacks character runs the danger of appearing generic. Often what you think about a particular design is very similar to how others will think about it.

A way to offset the balance and highlight a bit of your eclectic taste is to showcase a collection of unique items. For instance, maybe you're trying a theme of old, vintage, hand-crafted decor with warmer, natural colors. What kind of collection of oddities will stand out in the room and provide a conversation piece? 

You can collect antique farming tools and equipment and hang them from a barn board door. These items fit into the theme, but you don't have to shy away from bigger, funny looking pieces either. As long as it has a good story, you're golden.

Add purpose to your framed pictures 

Getting creative with a simple gesture is a good way to add character to a room. Displaying a themed collection of black and white pictures is a good example. If you have an indoor porch or den area, this would be a prime location to dedicate a table top or wall to framed, professionally taken or re-done pictures. Here are a few examples to add to your vacation home decorating ideas: 

  • A lineage of family photos going back to your great grandparents and up to the present day. 
  • A "wall of friends" dedication where vacationers who rented your home are included. 
  • A collection of particular holidays spent at the home in the past. 
  • A shrine of pictures with Vladimir Putin in various outdoor activities while shirtless. (Got ya!)

Create a romantic outdoor setting 

Who doesn't love to sit with their husband or wife around a fire and share a bottle of wine? You'd be hard-pressed to find someone, especially if it's set up in a romantic way. An outside patio area opens up a whole new space for cute vacation home decorating ideas, and it doesn't take much effort to make it look nice. There are no walls to paint, after all!

Gather together a couple wooden Adirondack chairs with matching cushions and a small, maintainable stone fireplace. You can string battery-powered lights around the perimeter for when it's dark, and keep an incognito wine cooler between the chairs. With just a few simple changes, you've created a timeless atmosphere.

The kitchen is a place to express character and ethos 

We've all heard it before, but it's true: the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The kitchen is where everyone gathers, cooks, eats, drinks, and chats. If you want vacation home decorating ideas with personality and creativity, this is where you can have some fun. Here are some examples to liven up your kitchen:

  • Start a collection of unique, hand-crafted coffee mugs. 
  • Fashion a wooden or wrought iron hanging wine rack. 
  • Gather your used wine corks together in a glass jar. 
  • Display vintage cookbooks above the fridge.

Strike a balance between theme and personal touch 

As we mentioned earlier in the post, vacation home decorating ideas should strike the right balance between theme and eclectic taste. If you want a country cabin feeling with warm colors, wrought iron, and dark woods, try to add your own spice as well. Everybody enjoys a conversation piece, whether it is a vintage record player or paintings from a local artist. Make it your home away from home!

Creating a beautiful home takes a lot of time, money, and dedication, but are you prepared for something unexpected? At Pekin Insurance, our homeowner's insurance is available for vacation homes and offers more than protection from disaster, plus a list of enhancements and qualified discounts. Your vacation home deserves coverage you can count on. Visit our website or call us for more information. 

Do you have any vacation home decorating ideas to share with our readers? If so, please let us know in the comments section!


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