5 Tips to Help Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 29, 2016

No one wants their dog to end up in a situation where a dog bite happens. Whether to a friend, family member, or stranger, dog bites are often costly. However, mean dogs are not born.


No one wants their dog to end up in a situation where a dog bite happens. Whether to a friend, family member, or stranger, dog bites are often costly. However, mean dogs are not born. While some breeds are known to be more aggressive, it is the responsibility of the owner to train them respectfully. Dogs were once wild creatures before they become domesticated, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy the thrill of running outside and catching their toys as “prey.” They still exhibit certain wild instincts, and while those have been toned down over the years of being domesticated, it still lives inside them to some extent. This being said, there are ways you can prevent your dog from biting.

  • Spay or neuter your dog

Getting your dog spayed or neutered has been shown to curb undesired behaviors, if done at a younger age. As the dog gets older, the undesired behavior may be too ingrained in their brain to make a difference through the surgery. That’s not to say you shouldn’t still get them spayed or neutered since it prevents many cancers and unwanted puppies from happening. According to the Humane Society website, studies show that most dog bite incidents involve dogs who were not spayed or neutered. The surgery also helps cut down on other behaviors such as barking, mounting, and marking issues.

  • Socialize your dog

If you only socialize your dog with those in your household and on your walks you never see another dog or person, chances are your dog’s first interaction with strangers and dogs could be incredibly stressful and put them in the defense mode. By introducing your dog to individuals outside of the home, they become accustomed to other human interaction besides your own. Especially if they have a guard instinct, then they might view everyone as a threat towards you and try to protect you from anyone who comes too near. The same goes for other dogs. Making sure they have contact with other dogs and are not aggressive towards them is essential.

  • Train your dog

Signing up for and attending training classes with your dog will not only help with socialization but will also allow them to learn good behaviors. Never send your dog away to be trained; they need a constant commander in their life. Plus, going to classes with your dog shows your commitment to their behavior and well-being. But when you go home from training classes, make sure you and your family are following the same rules for consistent training.

  • Enforce good behavior

Even during playtime, enforce good behavior. Don’t let your dog think it is okay to chase after anyone even if it is in good fun. Later on down the road, they may be chasing to play and they may not be playing back. Better to cut it at the core now rather than trying later.

  • Stay away from stressful situations

If your dog is not comfortable around children, don’t think that exposure to children more will make them more comfortable. Instead, avoid stressful situations as your dog will often react to protect themselves when threatened or startled. Instead, take them to a trainer and work with them on the specific stressful situation in a safe environment. 

If a dog bite does occur, confine the dog and make sure the victim receives proper treatment, including seeking medical help if needed. Make sure to give the victim any important information regarding your dog’s last rabies vaccine and be cooperative with them as they take the steps following a dog bite. After the incident, take your dog to a professional to help work on what situation set them off.

No one wants their dog to be the cause of a dog bite situation, but it can happen with any breed of dog. This is why it is important to make sure your breed of dog is covered under your homeowners insurance and you’re not hiding the fact that you have a dog from your insurance company. Dog bites are very costly. To learn more about the average cost of a dog bite in 2015 and to see a list of the top dog breeds that are blacklisted, click here.


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