10 Questions to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 07, 2017 in Pet Insurance

Pets worm their way into our hearts very quickly, but before you add them to your family, consider these ten questions.

Animals have the ability to touch our hearts with their love and dedication, whether with a wagging tail or bright eyes begging you for attention. However, before you start picking out a name and toys, think about these ten questions before you take a furry friend home.

1. Why do you truly want a pet?

Getting a pet is a huge decision, and often, people forget to ask themselves why they want a pet before they actually get one. Don’t be rash when deciding to adopt a pet because it can be around for 10, 15, or even 20 years. The decision to adopt an animal should involve more than your kids begging for a pet or your feelings of loneliness because a pet is a major commitment.

2. Do you have the time for a pet?

Whether a dog, cat, or other animal, they all need attention and come with varying amounts of responsibility. They require many things including food, water, exercise, vet trips, attention, love, and more. Pets in shelters are often placed in shelters by their owners when they realize how much of a responsibility they truly are or fall on hard times.


3. Can you handle the financial responsibility of a pet?

The world is expensive, and adding a pet to your family will increase your expenses more than you may be prepared for. Do your research beforehand and figure out the cost of the first vet visit, yearly visits, food, toys, grooming, emergencies, and more. These costs are often more than most individuals imagine, and having budgeted ahead of time will prepare you.


4. Are you prepared to deal with the medical aspects of having a pet?

Dogs ingest items they shouldn’t and cats chew on dangerous wires. Pets have the ability to truly cause some messes when left alone. These can be as small as a quick trip to the vet or lead to emergency surgery. Having pet insurance can help protect you and your budget when an emergency strikes your furry friend.


5. Does your landlord or property owner allow pets?

Many apartments or Home Owner Associations have restrictions on the size, number of pets, or even monthly fees that come with having a pet. Checking with your landlord before you get a pet shows responsibility, and it will allow you to find out if any breeds are not allowed, before it is too late.


6. Is now really the best time for you to own a pet?

Consider your status right now, and then think about the next couple years. If you’re a student, your future may involve travel or unknown housing situations. Having a pet can limit your housing options, not to mention that it is stressful on the animal as well. Don’t get a pet just because you are lonely or your kids have been begging you for years. Get a pet because it is the right time for you.


7. Do you have enough space in your home for a pet?

Cats may be small, but they still need space to stretch their legs and run around. Dogs, on the other hand, require more space. While bigger dogs typically need more space, some breeds like terriers are very active and need space to run around. Research the animal or breed you are considering to make sure you are aware of their needs.


8. Will you be a responsible pet owner?

Beyond just food, water, and care, being a responsible pet owner includes getting them spayed or neutered, obeying leash laws, picking up after your pet, and respecting your neighbors.


9. Do you know who will watch your pet when you’re away?

Everyone at some point goes out of town, whether for a holiday or an emergency. Knowing who will watch your pet and being able to trust that they will care for them like family is key. You don’t want to end up needing to leave town with no one to watch your pet. That is just a stressful situation you do not need.


10. Have you thought about your future with a pet?

Sure, having a pet for the next five years looks like a good idea, but what about the long haul? Life can be full of unfortunate events that can lead to pet owners having to give up their pets. Not only is this hard on the owner, but it’s also hard on the pet. Consider the long haul with your pet and think about how marriage, children, travel, and more will affect your pet before committing.


Pets can bring so much joy to you and your family, but bringing a pet into your family is a huge step. Supplement this huge step with pet insurance to protect you and your pet. Pekin Insurance offers pet insurance for your furry friend; contact your local Pekin Insurance independent agent for more information.



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