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Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 23, 2016

People are funny about death.  We all hate to talk about death, but it happens around us all the time–car accidents, shootings, fatal heart attacks. 

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Planning Your Own Funeral: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 21, 2016

No one wants to think about dying, but planning your own funeral can be a blessing to the loved ones you leave behind.

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What to Do During a Tornado: Safety Tips for Everyone

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 19, 2016

There's more than property at stake during a dangerous storm. Make sure you and your family know what to do during a tornado.

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6 Tips to Converting to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 16, 2016

6 Tips to Converting to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle 


Gluten Free

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Is Texting and Driving the Number One Distraction?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 13, 2016

Commercials, campaigns, and more are dedicated to bringing awareness to drivers about the danger of texting and driving. Car companies have created hands-free systems to cut down on the use of hand-held devices, but is texting really the biggest cause of distracted driving?


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8 Really Good Reasons to Get Life Insurance After 30

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 12, 2016

There are ample reasons to get life insurance at any stage of life, but these eight will convince you the best time is while you are young.

Welcome to your 30s! Don't fret about your age; chances are you have more than half a century to have fun and live life to the fullest. Better yet, the Social Security Administration says 25% of you will live beyond the age of 90! That brings us to talking about the excellent reasons to get life insurance now.

If you have another 50-plus years ahead of you, why is life insurance a concern? Despite the odds being in your favor, there are some real risks to contemplate. Approximately 10,000 people between the ages of 35 and 55 die in traffic accidents each year. Another 25,000 die of coronary heart disease and 11,000 die of liver disease. Hypertension-related health problems kill over 8,000 men and women in the same age group. 

The simple fact is that as we age, our health declines. You have a 33% chance of developing a cardiovascular disease by the time you are 45. Harvard Medical School notes that up to 10% of all heart attacks happen in the same time frame

The point here isn't to scare you, but to raise awareness of the fact that while life insurance isn't the most glamorous subject ever, it is one of the most important topics you'll face for the loved ones in your life.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance provides financial security for your family at the time of your death. It will cover funeral expenses and outstanding debts and replace your salary so you can continue to provide for your family even after you are gone. In some cases, life insurance will also cover your long-term care before you pass away.

Of course, anytime is a good time to get life insurance, but there are some especially good reasons to get life insurance as soon as possible after you turn 30.

8 important reasons to get life insurance right away

1. Provide financial security for your spouse, partner, and dependents

One of the most common reasons to get life insurance is to provide for the financial security of your spouse, partner, or children in the event of your unexpected death. Your life insurance payout will help them cover regular living expenses such as utilities, groceries, and education for years to come.

2. Cover living expenses for your dependents

Whether it's for daycare, school field trips, or medical expenses, your spouse, partner, or children's guardian will appreciate the financial help you leave behind. The cost of clothes and shoes for growing boys and girls adds up. As teens, your kids will pack away a week's worth of groceries in about three hours.

3. Pay off your debt so others don't have to

Another one of the most common reasons to get life insurance is to cover your mortgage, car payments, and other substantial debts. If you and your partner rely on two incomes, or especially if you rely solely on your income to pay a home or car loan, life insurance will prove essential in ensuring your partner can continue to cover those bills.

4. Stay-at-home parents are breadwinners, too

When there is no paycheck or W-2 form, it's easy to overlook the financial security a stay-at-home parent brings to the family. A stay-at-home mom or dad is also a cook, housekeeper, taxi service, and so much more.

5. Cover your co-signers

These don't seem like great reasons to get life insurance if you're single and don't have any children, a mortgage, or credit card debt. In fact, student loans might be the only debt you have. There's just one catch.

If you pass away, the cosigner on your student loans in on the hook for your debt. You don't want to leave that $140,000 grad school loan to your aging parents or that family friend with good credit who helped out, do you?

6. Think about your future

Even if you are single and debt-free now, that may not be the case forever. Investing in life insurance at a young age will set you up for your future and the well-being of your future loved ones.

7. Save your money

Under normal circumstances, the younger you are when you buy life insurance, the less expensive it is. The longer you wait, the greater the premiums will be.  The average cable bill is a lot higher than a life insurance premium.

8. You may need emergency funds

Some life insurance policies can double as emergency funds. If you find yourself in financial straits, you can borrow from the cash value of your policy. While this lowers the benefits available if something happens to you, it is a short-term solution if you need it.

Take time to research the right life insurance for you. When the day comes, the people you care about will be grateful for your care in planning for their future.

Speaking of planning ahead (for the much distant future, we hope), no one wants to leave their family with financial stress and the burden of debt and funeral expenses. Make it easier for your family by investing in life insurance today.

Do you have life insurance? What was your reason for buying a policy? Comment below and let us know.
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Bios and Profiles You Should Update: LinkedIn and Resume

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 10, 2016


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Do I Need Life Insurance Even if I Have Some Through My Employer?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 09, 2016

“Yeah, I’ve got life insurance where I work.  I don’t need any more!”  We’ve all heard it; perhaps we’ve even said it ourselves. The trouble is, most people grossly underestimate the amount of money their family will need to survive should the unexpected happen to the household's primary breadwinner.



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Rural Road Safety During Harvest Season

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 08, 2016

Harvest season means more farm implements will be sharing the road with other drivers. This includes oversized combines, semi-trucks, dump trucks, tractors, wagons, etc., that will be used to transport crops from the field to the elevators or from one field to another. Read the tips below to ensure the safety of all drivers during harvest.  



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Focus to the Finish

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 06, 2016

In this technological age, distracted driving has increasingly become a serious problem. Not just for families and friends who are losing loved ones, but also for insurance companies. Insurance companies want to protect you and inform you about the dangers of distracted driving so that you make it safely to your destination.


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