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The Distractions of a “Soccer Mom or Dad”

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 25, 2017 in Focus to the Finish, FTTF

The springtime season restarts the chaos of getting kids to their activities and increases the many distractions that can happen to parents inside a car.


A soccer parent: the mom or dad who loads up the car with kids, gear, and snacks and heads to the family's many destinations during the day.

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The Best Home Filter Advice: What to Buy & When to Replace

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 24, 2017

With so many options, it can be hard to find the best home filter for your home's water and air systems. Here are the pros and cons of several options. 

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Texting While Driving? Facts Every Teenager Should Know

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 20, 2017

Share these texting while driving facts with your teen to help keep them—and others—safe when they get behind the wheel.

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7 Cheap Raised Garden Bed Ideas to Build This Spring

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 12, 2017

Raised garden beds can cost a pretty penny, but these cheap raised garden bed ideas will help keep the green in your wallet and in your garden.

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13 Distracted Driving Statistics That Will Change Your Life

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 10, 2017

Need incentive to pay more attention when you're behind the wheel? These distracted driving statistics will scare you straight.

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What’s Your Legacy?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 08, 2017

Do you have an old life insurance policy sitting in a drawer at home? It had a purpose once, but now this forgotten or unwanted life policy is just lying there gathering dust.



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Your Car Is Not a Boat When It Comes to Driving Through Water

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 07, 2017 in Focus to the Finish

When the April showers come in full force, the roads begin to flood and endanger drivers. Knowing how to conquer those wet roads safely will keep you and other drivers safe.



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7 Interesting Smart Deadbolt Systems: Wi-fi, Touch, and Beyond

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 03, 2017

Eliminate some of the worry from your life with a smart deadbolt system designed to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Mobile Device

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 31, 2017

Spring temperatures and budding plants are starting to edge out the worst of the winter weather, so now is the time to spring clean … your mobile device.



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10 Personal Finance and Budgeting Apps and Tips for Newlyweds

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 29, 2017

The words "newlywed' and "personal finance and budgeting" don't usually go together, but they should. And these finance apps and budgeting tips can make it fun. 

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