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5 Tips for Driving on Black Ice

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 18, 2017

Driving on black ice may be one of the most dangerous aspects of winter. Prepare yourself with these safety tips.

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What to Do After a House Fire

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 16, 2017

The thought alone is hard enough to handle. Make sure that you know what to do after a house fire.

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Is Your Dog a Safe Driver?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 13, 2017

No matter how qualified Mr. Kibbles thinks he is to drive, having him on your lap while driving will only distract you. 



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Tips for Walking on Ice Without Slipping and Falling

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 09, 2017

Winter is upon us. Here are some precautions to take when walking on ice.

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I Was Shocked When I Found Out My Homeowners Policy Didn’t Cover This!

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 06, 2017

When we buy a home, the bank requires us to buy homeowners insurance as a prerequisite to getting a mortgage. That homeowners policy covers a wide variety of exposures for losses that might happen to our home, but most of those perils will never happen.


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5 Safe Cars for Teens and the Tech to Keep Them Safe in Any Vehicle

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 04, 2017

Handing over the keys can be daunting. Obtain peace of mind with any of these safe cars for teens.

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10 Wacky Driving Myths You Still Might Believe

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 02, 2017

These popular driving myths may have you doing all kinds of crazy—and maybe illegal—things.

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What You May Not Know About the Iconic New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 30, 2016

As we gear up to welcome in the New Year, it is good to stop and think about some of the facts that encompass this annual holiday. Among all of the traditions, New Year’s resolutions, and parties, have you ever wondered about the ball drop and its history?

New Years Eve Ball Drop-01.png 

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Can I Use My Fireplace? 5 Safety Checks Before Lighting the Match

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 28, 2016

With cold weather upon us, you may ask yourself, "Can I use my fireplace?" Before you answer "yes," take a moment to perform these five safety checks.

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5 Easy Steps for Replacing Windshield Wipers in a Jam

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 21, 2016

Essential for safety, yet often neglected, regularly replacing windshield wipers will help keep you moving no matter the weather.

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