Working on Wellness Program

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 05, 2018

Company-sponsored wellness programs are a great way to build a culture of health, fitness, and well-being for employees.


Health and well-being is a topic that many employers have been talking about, and some employers have even been implementing wellness programs in recent years.  With health care expenses related to inflammatory diseases, cholesterol, and obesity on the rise and the number of employee illnesses causing more absenteeism in the workplace, company-sponsored wellness programs are a great way to build a culture of health, fitness, and well-being for employees.  After partnering with a local hospital system, the “Working on Wellness Program” at Pekin Insurance began in April 2017 and is a way for Pekin Insurance to help promote this culture for employees.


Who is invited to participate?

The program is voluntary and open to all employees at Pekin Insurance.  Currently, we have about 33% participation across the company in our first year of the program; this includes employees located at our Home Office in Pekin, Illinois, as well as remote workers! 


What are the requirements of the program?

The first step is to complete a Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening that provide employees with insight into their current health status and may uncover potential health risks.  Next, for our 2017-2018 Working on Wellness Program, employees participated in three challenges that involved walking or running, stress management, and fitness and tracking a lifestyle change goal.  There were prizes associated with each challenge that ranged from an Apple Watch Series 1 to a fruit infuser water bottle!  Employees that do not use our company health insurance and weren’t eligible for the premium incentive still had an opportunity to win a prize associated with one of these challenges.


What wellness activities can employees participate in at Pekin Insurance?

1. Attend monthly Lunch and Learns including topics such as “Understanding Heart Disease” or “Effective Habits for Weight Management”

2. Listen to podcasts offered by our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with subjects ranging from “Better Sleep Tips” to “5 Ways to Boost Your Mental Energy”

3. Take a walk over their break time and utilize our campus walking map with mileage markers to track distance

4. Participate in weekly Weight Watchers meetings at our Home Office

Fun fact: Our first Weight Watchers series with 20 employee participants had a
collective weight loss of 495 pounds in 26 weeks!!

5. Find their Zen and join in on weekly yoga classes at our Home Office

6. Relax on their break with discounted chair massages every week


What are the benefits of “Working on Wellness?”

Besides improving their overall health and well-being, employees that successfully complete the requirements of the program receive a premium incentive toward their company health insurance!

Pekin Insurance continues to be innovative and implement new employee benefits as we value our employees’ well-being.  According to a World at Work benefit study, only 10% of companies the same size as Pekin Insurance offer an onsite medical nurse.  To remain an employer of choice, we have partnered with UnityPoint Health to offer this service!  A registered nurse (RN) is available to take vitals, conduct an initial assessment, and help guide our employees to medical care based on their situation.

Our Working on Wellness Program demonstrates that Pekin Insurance is committed to our employees’ overall health and well-being.  The program continues to evolve. 





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