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Sensible: We listen. We weigh all sides. We are prudent.

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Apr 26, 2018

At Pekin Insurance, we don’t just say our values, we live by them.

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When you finish an internship, you usually know which aspects of the company you liked and which you did not. This gives you a good idea of what to look for when searching for your future full-time employer. What happens when your first internship turns out to be just the type of career that you want? That is exactly how it happened for me!

Pekin Insurance has it all: the small company feel with big company aspirations, great employee benefits, but best of all, values that the employees actually take to heart and go Beyond the expected ® to live by every day. What resonated most with me, in my two years as an intern and now one year as a full-time employee, is how sensible the company and employees are.

We listen:
Every quarter, Pekin Insurance has an MV³ Meeting, which stands for Mission, Vision, Values, and Visibility. This is a company-wide meeting where the employees get to hear members of the executive team talk about the latest company news. They update us on many things pertaining to the company, whether it is good or bad. This is also a time for employees to ask questions. Employees are allowed to submit questions to the executive team, and then they are addressed in front of everyone at these meetings. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the executive team actively listening to the employees’ questions and concerns.

Another great way that I feel Pekin Insurance is listening is through annual reviews. This is a self-evaluation of your own performance, and you are able to include questions or concerns regarding your position, department, etc. This self-evaluation is then sent to your manager which they review, provide their performance feedback, and then send to Human Resources. After that, your manager will sit down with you to review your performance and answer your questions or concerns. In addition to annual reviews, we also have Quarterly Connections and one-on-one meetings. These are all perfect ways to get instant feedback on your performance and actually feel like you are being heard.


We weigh all sides:
When weighing all sides, you join an ongoing discussion, debate, or competition. Pekin Insurance is constantly weighing all sides and trying to find ways to improve for employees, agents, and insureds. We are currently implementing a new system that is more user-friendly for agents and employees to use. This will allow us to be more competitive and grow as a company.

An additional way Pekin Insurance weighs all sides is through surveying employees and asking for feedback. If you go through training, a survey is sent out to determine what worked and what did not. Employee appreciation week has a survey afterwards that will ask employees for suggestions on what they would like to see in the future. Pekin Insurance wants to make sure what they are doing is working for everyone. They listen and improve as much as possible and continue improving every year.


We are prudent:
Now, I had to look up what prudent means, and once I did, I could not believe how perfectly it describes Pekin Insurance. Prudent means acting with or showing care and thought for the future. Pekin Insurance is a company that understands the importance of this and is very active in giving back to the community. We have a corporate volunteer program where you can spend up to 16 hours per year volunteering during the work day while still getting paid like you are at work. We also sponsor local families and senior citizens during Christmas and fulfill their Christmas wish lists. Employees can also participate in relaxed dress code days where they donate to various charities in order to dress more comfortably.

As far as looking to the future, Pekin Insurance invests a lot into the internship and continuing education programs. The internship program is one of the best I have heard of and participated in. It includes positions in almost every department including Claim, IT, Underwriting, and more.  Interns not only get hands-on experience and training but go through a leadership speaker series where they get to hear from successful Pekin Insurance employees. They also enjoy a day of volunteering, job shadowing another department, and many other great opportunities. Lastly, there is the opportunity to win a scholarship at the end of the summer internship program. For full time employees, Pekin Insurance provides study materials and covers the cost of exams for those who wish to gain professional certifications. It is just another way that Pekin Insurance invests in their employees.

I could not ask for a better environment to work in. Pekin Insurance is a sensible company with Midwest roots. The ideas and decisions that are made are made with actual values incorporated. We don’t just say our values, we live by them.





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