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Company Perk: Professional Certification Reimbursement

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 01, 2018

Pekin Insurance understands the importance of employees furthering their knowledge and expertise in their chosen fields.


It should be no surprise that having a solid career path is a top priority for most professionals.  No matter the industry, employees value being able to see the upward direction they can work toward for continuous development.  However, the real challenge is bringing this vision to fruition.  Continuing your professional growth has many benefits, but it can take a great deal of time and money to do so.  When you work for Pekin Insurance, those obstacles seem much smaller since our company will reimburse employees for the achievement of most professional certifications.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Sure, the insurance company pays for insurance certifications, but I don’t do anything with policies or claims.”  One of the great perks about Pekin Insurance is the support you receive in other business and operational departments, such as Accounting, IT, and Human Resources to name a few.

I have personally benefited from this support when I achieved my SHRM-CP through the Society of Human Resources Management.  This certification had been a goal of mine for several years, but I was unable to work on it as my previous employer offered no payment assistance for the preparation course, study materials, or exam.  When I started working for Pekin Insurance, it was clear my manager valued continuing education and wanted to help me meet my goal.  In order to utilize this perk, there were a few requirements I had to meet: 

  1. Be with the company for six months
  2. Receive approval from my manager and department head
  3. Pass my exam to receive the reimbursement

Meeting these few requirements cannot begin to measure the appreciation I have for this wonderful perk!  I was able to take a preparation course, order books and online tools, plus schedule my exam knowing that when I pass, the nearly $1,000 to pursue this goal would be completely returned to me!  Not only would I meet one of my professional goals by adding that valuable designation after my name, I would also have the cost of doing so back in my pocket.

The opportunities to become an expert in your field and the importance of striving to be better is evident when you are rewarded without the financial weight.  After attaining a professional certification, both employees and the employer can appreciate the value of the knowledge gained in this accomplishment.  At Pekin Insurance, it’s extremely rewarding to see how both the employees and the company benefit from company perks like a certification reimbursement.


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