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Ask the Recruiter: How to Be Successful in Your Video Interview

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Oct 13, 2017

A quick reference to completing an effective video interview.


As technology evolves, Pekin Insurance is utilizing new ways to be more efficient in all aspects of business.  This is how we live our Tech-Savvy company value.  For the recruitment of new talent specifically, video interviews can be used in the process for considering candidates.  There are many types of programs for this type of interview such as WebEx, Skype, BlueJeans, Spark, and iMeet.  Video interviews have many of the same features as face-to-face interviews; however, there are some additional factors to consider.  These quick tips will help you ace your video interview!



Prep for the Interview

  • Complete a run-through with your technology. Check your camera, microphone, and network connectivity and download any necessary software to avoid any connection issues.
  • The area you interview in should be organized and clean; this includes the backdrop behind you. Lighting needs to be appropriate so the interviewer(s) can clearly see you on screen.
  • Find a quiet space for the interview to take place. Do not have children or pets nearby, and silence the notifications on your computer and phone.
  • Dress to impress! Although you are participating in a video interview, you should treat it the same as if you were meeting face-to-face.  Research also shows that dressing professionally can help to exude confidence.


 During the Interview

  • Remember that the camera is your “eye contact” with the interviewer(s). Be sure to look directly into the camera.
  • The interviewer(s) will likely experience a delay when you’re speaking due to the network connection, so remember to allow time for them to comment or ask additional questions.
  • Be aware that the set-up of your interview will require a synced login for both video and sound. If all is tested properly during the preparation phase, you should not need to hold your phone during the interview.
  • Too much movement can cause your image to be blurry or jumpy. Be sure to control gestures and body language to ensure a clear picture.
  • Your microphone will pick up any sound close by, so be aware of your actions such as tapping your fingers on the table. Keep your voice as the only sound near the microphone.


Being highly prepared for your video interview will reduce the chance of technical and environmental issues, which will make it easier for the interviewer to focus on your answers without any distractions.  Always set out to put your best foot forward for any interview.  With these tips, you will be ready for the new age of video interviewing!


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