Going Behind the Scenes at Pekin Insurance

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 21, 2019

Did you know that the average person spends nearly ⅓ of their entire life at work?



That’s over 90,000 hours spent working throughout the course of a lifetime.

Since so much of our time is spent investing in a career, it’s important to immerse ourselves in a great work environment. 

During a job search, many people find themselves digging for in-depth information on potential employers. It’s relatively easy to go online and read about a company’s culture, values, benefits, or perks. It can be a bit more difficult to get an inside look into where you would be spending so much of your time. Some of the best employers know that the physical environment of a workplace is critical when it comes to maintaining employee productivity and morale.

Pekin Insurance is always working to enhance our work environment. The company has focused on creating a top-notch facility where employees can be productive and thrive. 

The team upgraded the building inside and out to appeal to employees, customers, and business partners who visit daily. Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of the upgrades brought to Pekin Insurance!


The Sarver Main Entrance received a facelift and has beautiful landscaping that welcomes you upon arrival. 




Our recently renovated reception desk offers a modern feel when greeting guests at Pekin Insurance.  The entrance to Pekin Insurance was redone with a new staircase, paint, décor, and flooring.


 Pekin_break room

The Home Office break room has comfortable seating, vending machines, microwaves, and refrigerators.



Employees are able to enjoy an onsite café at the Home Office. 


The café offers a variety of grab-and-go items for those who have a working lunch but also offers plenty of seating for employees during lunch hours.  Employees can choose from a variety of healthy lunch items as well as some of their favorite comfort foods. Check here for more information on our café!

Visit our Careers Site for more information on current job openings, the hiring process, and employee perks.



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