Core Values Highlight: Respected

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jan 24, 2018

Respected is a common core value in many companies. But at Pekin Insurance, it is taken Beyond the expected.®


One of Pekin Insurance’s seven core company values is Respected.  Along with Innovative and Reliable, these are buzz words we often hear many companies and industries talk about.  They sound great!  And obviously, every company strives to get a reputation for having these values.  However, how do we put Respected into words?

As a former insurance producer for a large insurance agency with many different carriers, I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of companies.  Some of these companies included those that were national and world-wide carriers.  Others were small regional companies that may only be active in a few states or even just one.  Pekin Insurance falls right in the middle and is classified as a Super Regional Carrier by A.M. Best.  However, as a producer, I held Pekin Insurance in as high regard as any national player that I chose to place business with.  I held them in high regard because they did the exact same for me. 

You will be hard-pressed to find an insurance company that shows the gratitude, respect, and overall partnership approach toward its agency force.  As I began working for Pekin Insurance and speaking with hundreds of other agents, this idea was reinforced.  The majority of our agency force, even if Pekin Insurance is not their largest carrier in total book size, hold them as a top player in their agency.  I have often heard many agents say, “If I only had one carrier to do business with, it would be Pekin Insurance, hands down.”

How does Pekin Insurance receive this respect from their agents?  Because they show this respect to their agents as well.  Whether it is the regional training and continuing education courses offered in every territory, the trip experiences that agency partners talk about years afterwards, or simply the gratitude they receive from Home Office staff when they call, agents admire the way Pekin Insurance treats them and partners with them in their businesses. 

Another major contributor to Pekin Insurance’s Respected core value is that company management greatly cares for their agency partners.  It is not uncommon for Scott Martin, Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, or Todd Clark, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer/P&C, to pick up the phone to discuss a new idea with an agent.  Pekin Insurance’s culture also pushes the Home Office to get out into the field to work with agents face to face.  We do this through round table meetings where upper management goes out to every territory and sits down with the agency force to hear in-person feedback on new products, sales ideas, critiques, and changes in the industry. 

When agents feel as though their ideas, concerns, and businesses are respected, it is easy for Pekin Insurance to receive that respect in turn.  This is also why camaraderie between our agents is very high.  They push each other and are friends with one another.  They look forward to seeing their fellow agents and Home Office staff at regional meetings, trips, and training classes.  Even though they are competitors, Pekin Insurance has brought many of them together to learn and grow as better producers.

Apart from agents, as an employee, I also feel Respected by Pekin Insurance.  Employees are provided with outstanding benefits, flexible work hours, wonderful on-campus dining, and opportunities for advancement and education.  Pekin Insurance provides a culture of learning; you genuinely feel as though management wants you to succeed, and they provide opportunities to do so. 

It would be easy for me to continue to highlight all of Pekin Insurance’s accolades.  I could mention where we stand in company size and scope within our industry, or I could mention the many honors we have received in innovation as a carrier, but I wanted to share my own experience with Pekin Insurance.  I gave up, by my own standards, my ideal job as a commercial P&C agent after graduating college to begin a career with Pekin Insurance.  After making that move, I can say that I am very fortunate to work for a company that goes Beyond the expected® and is Respected like Pekin Insurance.


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