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Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 05, 2017

Committees allow employees to collaborate and relate with each other and feel more united with the company. 

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We all have the need to feel connected to not only our jobs on a daily basis, but also to our coworkers. Especially in a growing company where we can feel lost in the “bigger picture,” we experience the desire to connect with the numerous coworkers that we haven't even met and to feel like we are contributing to the company on a larger scale. Committees are a great opportunity to connect with our coworkers, get involved with different aspects within the company, and fill our need to be an important part of something bigger.

Committees come in all sizes and are formed for various purposes. However, the objective of each committee stays the same: to reach a goal together as a group. When you work together as a group, you learn about the different jobs within the company while collaborating with unfamiliar coworkers.

I have taken part in several committees while I have been at Pekin Insurance, and while each one of them has been a different experience, they have always left me feeling more involved with the company and my coworkers' daily routines.


Employee Appreciation Committee

Every year Pekin Insurance has a themed celebration to recognize and thank its employees. A specialized committee is put together each year that focuses on planning events based on that year's theme. The responsibilities of the committee range from deciding on the decorations to arranging the company-provided lunch and snacks, all while sticking to a budget. While serving on this committee, I was able to establish relationships with coworkers from different departments that I had never even seen before, and I felt good knowing that I was able to do something important for the entire company. My decisions, hard work, and creativity were recognized and enjoyed by everyone, which gave me a sense of pride. In a company with so many employees, it's hard to feel connected to them all. But after serving on this committee, I felt connected to everyone, even those I had never met, because I was a part of something that concerned all of them and hopefully made their week a little brighter. This committee also gave me the gratification of not feeling lost in the everyday hustle and helped me to stand out within the company.


Personal Lines Social Activities Committee (PLSAC)

This departmental committee is where I got to let my creativity run wild, which I really enjoyed. PLSAC's emphasis is to create social activities for the department that help strengthen the cohesiveness of the department and boost everyone's morale. The activities include holiday fun such as bingo, raffles, and treat days and also involve employee birthday recognitions and other random events that are on an 'as-needed' basis. Participating in this committee allows me to take a short break from my daily routine and have some fun at work, and it let me help my coworkers do the same.  It was rewarding to know that I could help put a smile on a coworker's face by harnessing my creativity.


Communications Committee

Communication plays a big part in everyone's day-to-day life, and it is very crucial in the workplace. My department decided that it was important to form a short-term committee to address communication needs that arose from the results of a company-wide engagement survey. This committee focused on improving communication within our department, from departmental emails and procedural changes to personal communication about issues and our daily activities that affect others. I was honored to be a part of this committee because I knew that my contributions would help every member of my department be more productive and feel more involved within the department.


OneNote Committee

This committee focuses on writing and converting procedural instructions for my department. It is important to have consistency and accuracy in our work, so this committee makes me feel like I have an important part in contributing to a more efficient department.  I enjoy having a critical role like this in my department because it allows me to help my team have the resources available to do their jobs more effectively.



These are just a few committees that I have been involved with. Pekin Insurance consists of many other committees that form company-wide or within individual departments.  The most widely recognized include the Pekin Insurance Employee Activities Committee and the Safety Committee.


Pekin Insurance Employee Activities Committee (PEAC)

PEAC is responsible for planning social activities for the entire company to increase employee engagement and morale.  The members of the committee represent many of the departments throughout Pekin Insurance so they can act as a spokesperson for their department.  Events range from family to adults only and consist of Easter Egg hunts, pictures with Santa, Peoria Chiefs games, golf outings, wine and paint nights, and many more!  The committee is also responsible for planning the annual event each year.  In recent years, it has been held at the Mackinaw Valley Vineyard or Peoria Riverfront.  There is always a lot of participation by the employees and their guests, and it’s something that employees look forward to each year!


Safety Committee

This committee, which is made up of several members from each department, focuses on company safety procedures and issues. Members of this committee are responsible for relaying this information to their department and for carrying out safety drills.


Even though Pekin Insurance is still growing, committees allow employees to collaborate and relate with each other and feel more united with the company.  There are a variety of committees that are offered throughout the company, so everyone is sure to find one that fits their interests.


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