Company Perk: On-Site, Low-Cost Café

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 09, 2017

Providing a great space for employees to take breaks, eat lunch, and build relationships.


At Pekin Insurance, we understand the importance of taking breaks throughout the day to relax and recharge for the remainder of the workday. Our on-site café provides just the place for employees to go! With a comfortable atmosphere, many food options, and meals costing under $4.00, the Pekin Insurance café is a perfect place for employees to get convenient, quality food and time away from their desks.


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Social Interaction

At Pekin Insurance, we take pride in our collaborative, inclusive culture, and the café is a big part of that!  Our on-site café provides a great space for employees to take breaks, eat lunch, and meet throughout the day.  Interacting with fellow co-workers is a great way to create healthy working relationships.  By providing an atmosphere to build a strong team, company-wide initiatives are much more successful.


Convenience and Reasonable Prices

Having an on-site café provides employees with quick access to breakfast and lunch options during the workday.  Dining in allows employees to not rush or worry about fighting traffic during break times.  They are able to relax and unwind in a comfortable, modern space.  Also, the café provides offerings at cost, which means the company does not make a profit on this service.  Most lunch options don’t cost more than a few dollars, plus there is the added benefit of saving gas money!


Promoting Wellness

Our café offers a variety of options which include a daily entrée, grill sections, salad bar, and a soup of the day.  In an effort to support our company-wide wellness campaign, the café has introduced additional healthy offerings such as fresh fruit, veggies, and meatless meal options.  Also, employees have access to free ice water throughout the day, which is a healthy alternative to soda or juice!  In addition, the café assists employees with keeping flexibility in their schedules with convenient hours and available grab and go food items.  This is just another way Pekin Insurance supports flex time and work-life balance for our employees.


The icing on the cake is that our café has been recognized for its high standards over the last 42 years by receiving the Award of Excellence from the local health department.  This is no easy feat, especially considering our café provides lunch to an average of 325 people daily.


Taking an everyday necessity, like food, to the next level is just one way Pekin Insurance goes Beyond the expected® for our employees. Our café is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to providing satisfying company perks to our valued employees.


For more information about the on-site, low-cost café or the other company perks offered at Pekin Insurance, please contact your recruiter or email


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