Vehicle Lifts—Inspections and Training

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Mar 09, 2015

Are you aware of the dangers that vehicle lifts may cause if they are not properly inspected and maintained? OSHA is, and they are beginning to pay more attention to vehicle lifts.

In fact, vehicle lifts are coming under increasing scrutiny by OSHA. OSHA has started a Local Emphasis Program in Hawaii, Oklahoma, and now in Wisconsin for all service shops to have training and inspections for their vehicle lifts.

At Pekin Insurance, our loss control representatives are recommending that our auto service accounts in all states develop a comprehensive Vehicle Lift Safety Program.

This program should include:

  • Training employees in the safe use and hazards for each type of lift used;
  • Conducting periodic (monthly) in-house vehicle lift inspections; and
  • Having a qualified service provider conduct a full inspection of each lift at least annually.

Each aspect of this comprehensive Vehicle Lift Safety Program should be documented. Having these documented records can be critical in the event OSHA inspects the business.

The OSHA emphasis program refers to “certified lift inspectors” for the annual lift inspections. At this time, the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) appears to be the main organization that has comprehensive training for obtaining this certification. However, we have seen some of our larger accounts using the firms where they bought the lifts to conduct the inspections. As an owner of a vehicle with a lift, you should feel comfortable with the qualifications of the firm you use and in the quality of work they provide. Their inspection form should be detailed, and they should be able to tell you how their inspections meet OSHA requirements.

The emphasis of the OSHA program appears to be for the following types of vehicle lifts:

  • Drive-on Lifts
  • Wheel-Engagement Mobile Lifts
  • Frame-Engagement Lifts
  • Axle-Engagement Lifts

However, there are a wide variety of vehicle lifts, and all types that are used would be subject to the OSHA emphasis program.

Listed below are sites where you can obtain additional information on vehicle lift safety:


With a little time, focus, and effort, you can reduce the potential of loss to your employees and be compliant with OSHA’s emphasis program, creating win/win situations for you and your employees.

Senior Loss Control Representative


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