The Biggest Threat to Your Business, Right Now!

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 05, 2016 in Business Safety Strategies

One of the greatest threats to businesses today is attacks on their computers and networks. 


In this day and age, virtually all companies of any size have computers for their employees and an in house network that their employees use. It is imperative that these be protected. Proper protection involves employee training, use of cyber security resources, and implementation of a cyber security plan.
  • Employees should be trained in keeping a clean computer. The company should have clear rules about what can and cannot be put on their computers.
  • Strong password practices should be followed by all employees. A strong password should be a minimum of 12 characters.
  • When in doubt, throw it out! Suspicious emails, tweets, posts, online ads, etc. should not be opened. Employees should be instructed about your company’s spam filters and how to use them.
  • Back up all work. Employees should be required to back up their work on a regular basis.
  • Employees should stay watchful and speak up if something looks suspicious on their computer.
A good, comprehensive cyber security plan needs to concentrate on 3 key areas:
  • Prevention: Solutions, policies, and procedures need to be identified to reduce the risk of attacks. Part these of these policies are discussed above.
  • Resolution: In case of a computer security breach, plans and procedures need to be in place to determine what exactly needs to be done to remedy a threat.
  • Restitution: Companies need to be ready to address the consequences after a security threat has occurred. Employees and customers must be confident the threat is minimal and short-lived.

There are many good resources available on the Internet regarding cyber security safety. Here are just a few:

Despite your best efforts, as an organization there are no 100% guarantees that your company will be safe from cyber security threats. With planning and procedures in place, you can minimize the potential threat and any resulting damage. Another consideration is cyber insurance. Consult your independent agent for more information. The importance of cyber security will only become greater in the future.



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