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What to Do if There Is a Slip and Fall on Your Property

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Oct 13, 2016 in Business Safety Strategies

As a business owner, what would you do if someone slipped and fell on your property?  Slips and falls are the most frequent type of loss for our Pekin Insurance business owners. 


How prepared are you if someone from the general public slips and falls on your property?  Here are some tips to help you prepare for slip and fall incidents that may occur on your property or location.


You must inform and train employees on what the expectations of them are if an incident happens.  Do your employees complete an investigation?  Do they get a supervisor or owner to do it? What happens if they are the only ones there?  Would your answers to the previous questions depend on whether the injured person was an employee, visitor, or customer? 


The best approach to minimizing slips and falls is reducing potential slip and fall hazards before an incident happens. We suggest a simple four-step approach to minimizing slips and falls.  They are as follows:

1. Prepare before the incident


  • Who conducts and participates in the investigation
  • What incidents to investigate
  • What information to collect
  • Create investigation and interview forms—See sample Incident Investigation form 
  • Document investigation procedures
  • Select and train investigators
2. When the incident occurs 
  • Arrange for first aid or medical treatment of injured person(s)
  • Secure the scene
  • Identify and gather witnesses
  • Interview the injured person and witnesses
  • Document scene with photos or videos
3. Post loss
  • Analyze the information
  • Review documentation
  • Use the “Why” method to identify root causes
  • Determine corrective action
  • Prepare and communicate report
4. When a hazard is identified, take corrective action 
  • Implement a change reducing or eliminating the hazard
  • Track completion of corrective actions
  • Monitor impact of changes


While knowing what to do if someone slips and falls on your property is important, taking steps to prevent slips, trips, and falls will help reduce your exposure to a loss. Take a few minutes each day to check your property walking surfaces for tripping hazards and possible spills and make corrections as needed.



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